Still More Questions About the SF Half-Marathon Death

by on February 10, 2011

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San Francisco Half MarathonThe death of Peter Hass, who died near the finish line of the Kaiser sponsored SF half-marathon last weekend has sparked some inquiries.  First and foremost, were questions regarding the staffing of the event.

Apparently the event did have staff on-hand, or as it was referred to, “medical assets.”  The organizer of the event stated there were two tents staffed with qualified personnel and there was an ambulance present.  Many will say that those assets weren’t sufficient.  The ambulance that was on hand had been called away to a different part of the course, but people are still wondering  why, despite medical assets being deployed, that Mr. Hass was tended to by participants, some of which were firefighters, of the race until a second ambulance showed up, 22 minutes later.

One of the other issues that was at hand were the 9-1-1 calls.  9-1-1 operators ended up receiving three different locations for the emergency, thus delaying the city ambulance.

If that’s true, I’m very saddened that someone would take the responsibility of making a 9-1-1 call and not verifying the information that they were passing on.  One point to remember, that I was trained to do, was if you ever need someone to call 9-1-1, don’t yell at a crowd for someone to make the call, but point to an individual and tell/ask them to make the call or make sure someone does.  A crowd of people will look at each other and murmur.  An assigned individual will take the task to ground and get it done.

There is still no determined cause of death for Mr. Hass, except to say that the medical examiner’s office confirmed his passing and more tests needed to be done.

[Daily Post, 2/9/11, pg 14, There’s more at SF Gate]

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