Stopping That Pesky SearchIndexer!

by on November 20, 2012

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ms windowsThe other day I had updated my windows OS with “critical updates” and one of my gifts that came along with that update was the SearchIndexer.exe being kick started to run in the background.

I don’t need or like stuff running in the background that I don’t think I need. (If anyone remembers my battle with GoogleUpdate, well, that was a classic fight to the finish!)

I just happened to be having memory issues so I went in and was pulling out processes that were running to see what I could kill. I had killed SearchIndexer… but then it came back.


So I killed it again… and again… and, wait a minute here! I want it gone! So I looked around and discovered how to smite this little tool that was running in the background.

Keep in mind this will interfere with the Indexing Service (if you need it), but basic search is still there.

Shutting Off/Stopping SearchIndexer.exe:

In Vista:

  • Open Start Menu
  • Choose Control Panel
  • Double click Programs and Features
  • (On the left) Click Turn Windows Features on or off
  • Uncheck the Indexing Service option.
  • Click OK.

In XP:

  • Open Start Menu
  • Click on “Run”
  • Type services.msc in the window.
  • Locate windows
  • Right click
  • Choose stop
  • Right click windows search (again)
  • Choose properties
  • Under “startup type” choose disabled
  • Click OK.


That should do it! Or, at least this worked for me! (Proceed/follow along at your own risk)

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