Sucker Punch’s Newest Promo Art for 1-10-11

by on January 10, 2011

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scene from Sucker Punch

Today a new promo piece for the Zack Snyder directed Sucker Punch movie came out today…  It is due out in theaters on March 25th and stars Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung and a few more scantily clad harbingers of sexy violence.  (Hmm, I wonder what demographic this movie is aimed at!?)

Below, the Sucker Punch movie poster.  Below that, spliced out sections for a closer look at each character.

Sucker Punch Movie Promo Poster 01 - 1-10-11

I have to say that this premise of the girls kicking but does look like a lot of fun.

Sucker Punch Movie Promo Poster 00 - Amber

But if I understand it right, this world would seem to only exist in their minds as an escape from their reality of where they’re at.  I could be wrong, but all this action taking place in their heads kills some of the appeal for me.

Sucker Punch Movie Promo Poster 00 - Baby Doll

Sucker Punch Movie Promo Poster 00 - Blondie

But if you like either hot chicks kicking ass, dragons getting dusted, giants getting their heads handed to them and just a good old fashion fight against huge odds, then this could very well be the movie for you!

Sucker Punch Movie Promo Poster 00 - Rocket

Sucker Punch Movie Promo Poster 00 - Sweet Pea

Check out the movie trailers below…  see what you think.

Sucker Punch Trailer No. 1:


Sucker Punch Movie Trailer No. 2:


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Thanks to Coming Soon for finding the new promo art.

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