Summer 2013: The TV Season of Big Returns & Series Premieres

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tv newsThere are a slew of tasty television shows returning and premiering this summer. Last season in particular, television writers left us drooling with incredible cliffhangers. Between the returning favorites and promising pilots, TV viewers are guaranteed hours of premium entertainment but you’ll need the right cable package to view your favorites. Basic cable and satellite packages are being offered at substantially lower rates than usual, notes, making now a great time to find the best service for your watching your favorite 2013 summer series premier. Tune in to continue the juicy plot lines from last season’s cliffhangers and check out these snippets of upcoming series.

Returning Series

Dexter: For a couple of seasons, “Dexter” was just typical “Dexter.” The “I’m a serial killer that narrates every move and no one is smart enough to notice how weird I am” plot was running thin. With last year’s break through though his adoptive sister Deb’s (and boss LaGuerta’s) revelation that he is a serial killer ended with a crazy situation where Deb killed the captain of Miami Metro to protect Dexter’s darkly deranged secret. Is this season going to be Dexter’s undoing? Returns Sunday, June 30th.

Hell on Wheels: An instant classic from the first episode, “Hell on Wheels” might be the best show on television. Last season’s final episode ending with the death of the shows leading lady Cullin’s lover means the meanest man in the West has nothing left to live for, if he ever did. What in Heaven’s name is going to happen next? Returns Saturday, August 3rd.

The Newsroom: If you can only watch one show on television, this is it. There are too many twists and turns and plots and romances for a paragraph to explain this HBO hit, but there’s nothing else like it. This latest series by Aaron Sorkin is simply too good to miss. Jeff Daniels’ performance in “The Newsroom” is proving that he may be one of the most diverse actors in Hollywood. If I could just go on and on an on about this show, I would. Returns Sunday, July 14th.

Breaking Bad: Walter White began the series as a timid chemistry teacher and we’ve watched his shocking transformation into a real son of a bitch. Between murder and meth, Walter will surely continue his downward spiral into these final eight episodes. The big question is: what will Walt do with that big ol’ machine gun he retrieved from the trunk? Returns Sunday, August 11th.

America’s Got Talent: Don’t watch a single episode or you’ll be glued to your set every Tuesday. It’s hard to keep yourself from getting involved in the hosts’ drama, and this year should be even more fun with new hosts Heidi Klum and former Spice Girl Mel B (though Howard Stern will probably still run the show), but it’s the contestants that steal the show. Returns Tuesday, June 4th.

Series Premieres

The Bridge: Simple enough plot: a Mexican detective and a Gringo detective must track down a serial killer on both sides of the American-Mexican border. The plot should be anything but simple. Rumor has it that if you like Justified, you’re going to like this. Begins Wednesday, July 10th.

Low Winter Sun: AMC never lets us down. Big things are expected from this show. Lennie James and Mark Strong (you’ll know him when you see him) were great cast choices. The skinny: one cop kills another inciting the worst of the worst to emerge from Detroit’s underworld. Begins Sunday, August 11th.

The Hunt: The CW has decided to do a reality show wilderness competition inspired by the best selling novel and blockbuster “The Hunger Games” minus the whole teen murder angle. However, teams will have to “capture” each other. Premieres Wednesday, July 31st.

Ray Donovan: It’s Showtime, so you know they did it right. The simple plot: the guy is a fixer, like the Wolf in “Pulp Fiction.” He stays cool when the sh*t hits the fan. Plus, “Ray Donovan” stars the actor who played Sabretooth in “Wolverine: Origins.” Should be worth checking out. Starts Sunday, June 30th

Under the Dome: If this show fails, it might be the biggest flop in television history. It stars Dean Norris the awesome actor who plays Walter White’s brother-in-law in “Breaking Bad” and he is small potatoes in respect to the names that are part of this CBS miniseries. Not only is the series based on Stephen King’s novel, King is also the executive producer. Brian K. Vaughan, the comic book superstar and “Lost” screenwriter is penning the series. Niels Arden Oplev, the director of the original “The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” will direct the pilot. The series is about what would happen if an invisible shield enclosed an entire town preventing anyone from coming or going. Fear, murder and mayhem ensues. Begins Monday, June 24th.

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