Summer Concert Series in the Park or Pesticide in the Park? [Menlo Park]

by on June 20, 2011

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Today (6/20) I was out taking my daily constitution and I noticed that there are signs in Fremont Park in Menlo Park warning park-goers that there will be pesticides applied anywhere between June 21 to Jun 23 2011!!! That had me wondering why then when the Menlo Park Summer Concert Series is about to commence on the 22nd of June?

We’re usually warned not to have our pets hang out on the pesticide zone for a period of time. So can we take our dogs to the Summer Concert Series? I hope so, or this will be the Pesticide Series in the Park! The sign does say once the pesticide is applied, to stay off for 12 hours or until the sign is removed!

Maybe they’re making it bug-proof so we don’t go crazy at Wednesday’s concert! So see ya there!

Concert in the Park pesticide warning

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