Summer Time TV Premieres for June 2010

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The following list is the Summer Time Premieres for June 2010. If you’re wondering what new TV series are premiering in June, check out this list below. Yes, I’m a bit late… so I’ve backtracked to the beginning of the month to include what has started up in the event you didn’t know about something that has premiered and really wanted to!

The lists are sorted first by date, followed by a list sorted alphabetically (Alphabetical Link) by show title. After that is a list of selected shows (Alphabetical Snippets) where I mention what season, what’s new, etc..

June 2010 TV Premieres by Date:

June 1

June 2

  • So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

June 3

  • Moonlight reruns, (The CW)
  • Burn Notice (USA)
  • Royal Pains (USA)

Friday, June 4

  • Flashpoint (CBS)

June 5

  • Three Rivers Season 1 summer run (CBS) *1

June 6

  • Sons of Tucson (FOX)
  • Kate Plus 8 (TLC) *2

Monday, June 7

  • Lie to Me (FOX)
  • Last Comic Standing (NBC)
  • The Good Guys (FOX)
  • Persons Unknown (NBC)
  • Neighbors From Hell (TBS)

June 13

June 16

  • Top Chef (BRAVO)

June 20

  • The Gates (ABC)
  • Scoundrels (ABC)
  • Leverage (TNT)

June 22

  • Wipeout (ABC)
  • Memphis Beat (TNT)

June 24

  • Rookie Blue (ABC)
  • Boston Med (ABC)
  • Futurama (COMEDY)

June 27

  • Entourage (HBO)
  • Hung (HBO)

June 29

  • Rescue Me (FX)
  • Louie (FX)

– – –

June 2010 TV Premieres By Title:

  • America’s Got Talent (NBC) – June 1
  • Boston Med (ABC) – June 24
  • Burn Notice (USA) – June 3
  • Entourage (HBO) – June 27
  • Flashpoint (CBS) – June 4
  • Futurama (COMEDY) – June 24
  • Hell’s Kitchen (FOX) – June 1
  • Hung (HBO) – June 27
  • Kate Plus 8 (TLC) *2 – June 6
  • Last Comic Standing (NBC) – June 7
  • Leverage (TNT) – June 20
  • Lie to Me (FOX) – June 7
  • Losing It with Jillian (NBC) – June 1
  • Louie (FX) – June 29
  • Memphis Beat (TNT) – June 22
  • Monday, June 7
  • Moonlight reruns, (The CW) – June 3
  • Neighbors From Hell (TBS) – June 7
  • One Big Happy Family (TLC) – June 1
  • Persons Unknown (NBC) – June 7
  • Rescue Me (FX) – June 29
  • Rookie Blue (ABC) – June 24
  • Royal Pains (USA) – June 3
  • Scoundrels (ABC) – June 20
  • So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) – June 2
  • Sons of Tucson (FOX) – June 6
  • The Gates (ABC) – June 20
  • The Good Guys (FOX) – June 7
  • Three Rivers Season 1 summer run (CBS) *1 – June 5
  • Top Chef (BRAVO) – June 16
  • True Blood Season 3 premiere (HBO) – June 13
  • Wipeout (ABC) – June 22

– – –

Snippets and TV Series Information:

Boston Med (ABC) – June 24: This is an 8-hour documentary filmed in Boston-area hospitals and it tells the stories of the doctors, nurses, and patients in the different hospitals as they go about their days.

Burn Notice (USA) – June 3: Season 4! Need I say more!

Entourage (HBO) – June 27: In it’s 7th season.

Flashpoint (CBS) – June 4: Starting it’s 3rd summer season, I’ve found it to be a nice civilian based police actioner that takes the place the my much missed The Unit.

Futurama (COMEDY) – June 24: Starting its 6th season, in its new network. Thank you Comedy Central!

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX) – June 1: Starting its 7th season.

Hung (HBO) – June 27: Season 2.

Kate Plus 8 (TLC) *2 – June 6: If you’re wondering why I’ve noted this show in the list, it’s a public service announcement that serves more as a warning of when not to tune into TLC. Ug. Let’s exploit our brood even farther!

Leverage (TNT) – June 20: This show starts its 3rd action-packed season, with the last season’s finale airing back-to-back.

Lie to Me (FOX) – June 7: Starting it’s 2nd summer season. You do realize that even though we love this show, being on in the summer is not the best thing for a TV show? Just saying, you might want to prepare yourselves.

Losing It with Jillian (NBC) – June 1: It’s The Biggest Loser mini-series, with Jillian invading homes of entire families that need help and living with them for a week. I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for! Yet, it’s the continuation of the weight loss TV genre where we watch and learn as Jillian helps people deal with issues and to quit taking it out on themselves with food.

Louie (FX) – June 29: Brand new series where the ads look pretty funny, but will the show back those ads up?

Memphis Beat (TNT) – June 22: New cop show with Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) & Alfre Woodard. I’ll let you surmise where it takes place! The previews haven’t captured my attention.

Moonlight reruns, (The CW) – June 3: The CW is filling Thursdays with reruns of the prematurely canceled vampire show that was way ahead of its time, and CBS didn’t know it.

Neighbors From Hell (TBS) – June 7: No, I’m not moving in next-door. An new animated series about a family who is living as humans and running by orders given to them by Satan.

Persons Unknown (NBC) – June 7: New show where 13 random people find themselves kidnapped and forced to depend on each other to survive in the deserted town they find themselves in. I have a feeling this might become ‘ratings unknown!’

Rescue Me (FX) – June 29: Starting its 6th season.

Rookie Blue (ABC) – June 24: New series about rookie cops that are straight out of police academy (Not the comedic version).

Royal Pains (USA) – June 3: The good doctor returns for a 2nd season from the Hamptons.

Scoundrels (ABC) – June 20: A new show, referred to as a dramady about a family of crooks trying to clean up their lives.

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) – June 2: No, not really. I just try to dance and let the consequences fall where they may! But it started up its 7th season of skimpily clad youth dancing to the beat.

Sons of Tucson (FOX) – June 6: Fox is finishing off the remainder of the episodes from this canceled show. Summer TV filler, if you will.

The Gates (ABC) – June 20: It’s another supernatural genre show where ABC is throwing its hat into the vampire mix of things. From what I’ve seen of early reviews, I think I’ll be free to watch other TV series.

The Good Guys (FOX) – June 7: New cop show from the guy that created Burn Notice, Matt Nix.

Three Rivers Season 1 summer run (CBS) *1 – June 5: CBS is finishing off the season of the Alex O’Loughlin starrer that they so rudely interrupted when they canceled the show.

Top Chef (BRAVO) – June 16: starting its 7th season.

True Blood (HBO) – June 13: Starting it’s deliciously wonderful 3rd season of vampire action and drama, with a few new twists coming at you.

Wipeout (ABC) – June 22: Their 3rd season where we get to watch silly people get knocked around by silly contraptions. Personally, I enjoy the hilarity of it all. And I enjoy watching Jill Wagner work the crowd!

This compiled list, courtesy of “Cinema Static on Brusimm

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