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by on April 29, 2011

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Super stars Rainn Wilson as Frank D’Arbo and is directed (and written) by James Gunn (2004’s Dawn of the Dead). The movie comes from IFC Midnight.

Liv Tyler and Rainn Wilson in SUPER

Super is about a man, Frank, whose wife falls sway to the influences of a drug dealer. The trauma of it all drives this sad and lonely man to the brink and through it all, he becomes the Crimson Bolt. As the Crimson Bolt he’ll do justice and right the wrongs of evil… except for the fact that he lacks the skills of a superhero to do that.

Super could be called a comedic-tragedy that entertains, no matter what the scene!

The movie opens with Frank declaring to the viewer that he’s only had two perfect moments in his life… Marrying his wife, Sarah, played by Liv Tyler and once directing the police to the hiding spot of a bad guy on the run.  But after his wife leaves him for the questionable Jacques (Kevin Bacon), her leaving Frank seems to have placed her in harm’s way of being used by the drug dealer.

Nathan Fillion in SUPER - still 111

In his frustration, he comes across an ad on his TV of The Holy Avenger setting things right by the word of god… The Holy Avenger is played by none other than Nathan Fillion in a puffy body-suit.

On his first night, Frank just hangs around, crouching behind a trash bin, waiting for evil to occur… but nothing.  On his second night, the same, except for a noise that made him jump up and run down the street… that turned out to

[spoiler]be a box being pushed by the wind[/spoiler]


Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson in SUPER

Yea, Frank is on to something… not. Then he does his research to discover where the crimes really take place.  But his first encounter goes horribly awry.  He turns to his local comic book store, asking the store clerk which superheros don’t have powers and also use tools or weapons. The clerk, Libby, is played by Ellen Page and she shows him some titles, giving him ideas.  He ends up adopting himself a huge pipe wrench to beat on people with and through various events, ends up with Libby as his side-kick, called Boltie.

Ellen Page in SUPER

It’s bad enough that Frank… um, sorry, Crimson Bolt is on his own learning curve, but Boltie is a little too enthusiastic too.  The above face is her dealing with…   well, you’ll see.

Kevin Bacon and Michael Rooker in SUPER

The drug dealer Jacques, quite the scum bag, is played by Kevin Bacon and he brings the role to life like only Bacon could.  The other cast of characters that grace the screen include Michael Rooker, Linda Cardellini, Andre Royo, Sean Gunn and more.

The story is quite a fascinating tale of trial and error as Frank learns the skills of his new trade, one painful mistake after another. That and suddenly learning how to train and deal with a side-kick.

Word of Caution:

If for some reason you’re planning on watching this with the younger family members, for whatever reason, there are one or two seriously inappropriate moments for a family viewing time and additionally, there’s a bit of gore involved.

Frank’s closing monologue makes the entire story make sense and worthwhile.

James Gunn's SUPER

Super is a fun flick and if you’re a fan of Rainn Wilson, I think you’ll enjoy him bringing to life this character that at first sort of reminds you of his The Office character that then grows into something more. As if this were what he does in his free time when he’s not in the Office! LOL.

If I were to score this movie?

Rainn Wilson is Crimson Bolt in SUPER

I’d give it a 7 out of 10 on a ‘dramatic/serious’ scale because the story is something that keeps you interested. It’s based on sorrow and one’s personal loss and struggle. It keeps you feeling like you can relate with Frank’s mental state and why he does what he does. The cinematography gives you the air of an older film, the acting sells the story. I did not mind spending the money on this movie. It’s a good little flick and decided to put it in my ‘dramatic’ scale. (It’s a work in progress but I’m working on a movie review scores system that has multiple scales because it’s nuts to keep some movies in the same scoring scale.  I’m looking to set a trend.  Trust me, you’ll see it pop up sooner or later!)


Rainn Wilson dispensing wisdom in SUPER
SUPER the boredom of crime fighting

The boredom of crime fighting... sigh

SUPER movie Trailer:


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