SUPERGIRL’s Potential ‘Batman V Superman’ Easter Eggs

by on December 2, 2015

in Entertainment

Cat Grant's office in Supergirl 02

Is anyone else watching all the television news feeds super carefully behind Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) in the CBS series, Supergirl?

I am not paying that much attention to it, but to be honest, if there aren’t some kind of curious headlines that could tie in to the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, I would not be surprised.

It is a prime opportunity.

But what headlines could they be? I don’t know, but Cat Grant has this huge office with a ton of television screens covering what looks like every news channel on the planet. You would think there would be some opportunity there for the DC Comics executives to take advantage of, you would think. Don’t you?

And if they’re not playing out little Batman v Superman Easter Eggs on Supergirl, CBS, WB and DC Entertainment are missing out big time.

Disney/Marvel and ABCs Agents of SHIELD have tied their movie and TV worlds together, albeit, it’s a one-sided sharing, but the sharing definitely helps the show’s ratings. That one-sided share being events in the TV series pointing to and taking advantage of the Marvel films.

But I am not seeing any news or headlines from fan pages or any notes or clues being dropped by the studios that we could be getting any sort of Easter eggs out of the show.

Maybe I’m not looking in the right websites or searching with the right words or phrases, but I think this would be fun to see. Maybe they do have plans but it’s too early yet. At the very minimum I would love to see the trailer for the film playing on one of the TV screens behind Cat Grant.

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