Superhero Short Films from Marvel (Here We Go Again)

by on June 30, 2011

in Entertainment

Around a year previous there was talk of Marvel using short films before or after a feature film to market test for potential upcoming character movies. Marvel ixnayed the rumor right away.

But like others, I thought that would be a brilliant way to test the waters and not drop millions on a film that only a small cadre of fans would like.

According to a source for Film School Rejects, who even they admit, the source is on the periphery of the studio, says that two shorts have already been shot and will be included on DVD releases of Thor and Captain America.

Hence, despite this piece making the rounds of headlines as if it’s news, it could very well be yet one more floundering hope of fans.

It’s not a bad hope either. I think short-films would be an awesome way to not only test the waters for new characters but would also give movie-goers extra yummy mind-munchies to absorb at the movie theater.

But that’s my take.


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