‘Superman: Man of Steel’ To have Lex Luthor

by on April 7, 2011

in Entertainment

Up until today I was holding out hope that this new Superman movie helmed by Zack Snyder was going to be a unique holdout and NOT have Lex Luthor in it.

My hopes have been dashed for Superman: Man of Steel and at the moment, my anticipation levels have been slashed in half.   Regardless of who’s behind the project.

To be fair, the franchise can be defined by Superman and Lex Luthor’s battles of wit and might. But we see Luthor in so many Superman projects that it just gets old.

And to boot, we are also now hearing rumors that Miss Teschmacher will also be in the film. For now, that’s just rumors. We’ll see how that pans out.

For now, I groan and hope that Luthor is one of many and not THE villain. If Nolan is influencing the process, we all know he likes multiple levels of threat and this could be part of that idea.

We can desperately hope and wait for more details to come out about Superman: Man of Steel.

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