Supernatural Season 5 Finale – “Swan Song”

by on May 13, 2010

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The 5 years of Supernatural boils down to Thursday night’s series finale titled “Swan Song.” Eric Kripke originally had a mere 5 seasons plotted out, with tonight having been the end game for the story of the Winchester Brothers. But the power of the fans (and good TV ratings for The CW) helped change that from a series finale to a season finale. Awesome!

Tonight, with the Apocalyspe looming over our heroes, they’re up against the wall with no real options and from what I’ve seen, some heart-breaking decisions have to be made.

Who will do what? Who will survive and what could possibly be next after dealing with the Devil… that is, if they do? I’ll be back after the episode airs to chat about the season finale of Supernatural. (UPDATE: As promised, I’m back with my Review and Recap of the Season Finale of Supernatural!)

After the pictures, a rare few might consider the bonus information in the last paragraph as a spoiler of sorts… proceed at your own risk! Or go check it out! It really isn’t much as far as I’m concerned, but there you have it!)


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(Lemme toss out some interesting clues: There are no 2010/11 plans for Kripke… or Padalecki, though Ackles has done some voice work for Batman: Under the Red Hood, though Beaver is filming a comedy called Johnson & Johnson, and there’s only a short for Misha Collins. I don’t see anyone with any plots or plans beyond Supernatural for now! [Toolin’ around on IMDb])

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