SUPERNATURAL Season Seven Finale

by on May 21, 2012

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Oh those pesky Winchester Boys have made it through another season finale of Supernatural! Sort of.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural, a review of the season finale

(Be advised that more than likely, you WILL encounter spoilers from the season finale.)

So there we have it, another season of Supernatural is in the books. The boys spent the season dealing with the newest monster, the Leviathans. They seemed pretty unstoppable… can’t cut their heads off, can’t stake their hearts. They have lots of teeth and they can shape shift, to a degree. So yes, they seemed pretty tough. But simple cleaning fluids were their enemy and an enchanted stake coated in the blood of an original vampire could undo their entire show.

Which led us to the cliff-hanger we’ve been left with. Zing!

Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

Though some felt this season was pulled out of a hat and flung at the viewer, I’d have to say that even if it was, it was the continuation of the Winchester’s journey. No, we didn’t see any new character revelations. We only watched them deal with developing situations. And having a Leviathan named DICK gave writers lots of opportunities with humorous word-play. Indeed!

Misha Collins in SupernaturalSure, the showrunner, Sera Gamble, jerked us around. At one point we all thought we’d never lose sight of Cas or Bobby, yet both had their issues. Then we were told that we wouldn’t see that much of Cas. Then we did as Cas went a bit cuckoo after fighting the angel war in season six. And though we were told, under no uncertain terms, that Bobby (Jim Beaver) will be around for a long time, they killed him off. Then brought him back as a ghost, then killed off the ghost that was going a little crazy. Does this mean that NOW, Bobby is gone, gone? Or would the chatter that he might go full-time in season eight have any smudge of a hope?

I am not holding my breath any more on any appearances of Misha Collins or Jim Beaver, but I sure would love them to stay around. But I am also wondering what the production company had to give up monetarily to return for an eighth season?

Mark Sheppard (Crowley) in SupernaturalAs it stands, Cas and Dean, after using the Leviathan killing stake on Dick, found themselves now in Purgatory! Something about using that kind of magic having a bit of a kick, and Sam is left alone back in our world, with Crowley sort of reneging on expectations and he now does not have Dick holding him back and snagged himself that prophet of the word of God.

Where does that leave us for season eight? Good question. How long will Dean be in Purgatory? Just a fleeting episode or will we watch his battles for a few eps before he gets out? Where’d Cas go on him? What will Sam do in the meantime? And now that Dick is out of the picture, Crowley looks to have stepped it up again. How much trouble will he be next season, or will there be a new super-monster? And is this the last we’ve seen of Bobby, since the boys had to send his ghost away and burn the flask?

We’ll see, come next season of Supernatural. Which, I also suspect, will be the show’s last season. They’ve been moved to Wednesdays, teaming it up with The CW’s new series about Green Arrow, Arrow. But I’m not sure the show can last on that night. But then again, this is the era of the DVR when days and times don’t matter… except to the sponsors.

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