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Supernatural Season Finale Review

When Supernatural on The CW kicked in their sixth season, I think many people were wondering how it would go.  Eric Kripke had stepped back and Sera Gamble stepped up and took the creative reigns.  I have to say that as far as I can tell, Supernatural didn’t skip a beat.  The classic rock music injected perfectly, the humor that lies underneath the stories and the story itself, the main plot, underneath it all, moved forward.  Sometimes in tiny pieces and sometimes in entire episodes.

Albeit it, the show kept its charm and character and was not disappointing in this extra, or sixth season.  I say extra because Kripke only had five seasons mapped out.  He stepped back because his story was done.  But when the CW renewed the series, they had to step up, and I’m sure the fans are glad they did.  That’s when Sera Gamble stepped in.  And having been one of Kripke’s right-hand persons, she had taken her notes well and employed them rather well.

With that, herein lies my recap/review of the sixth season finale of Supernatural

Spoilers are abound:

In the first part/episode of the Supernatural season closer, titled “Let It Bleed,” it starts out with Crowley (Mark Sheppard) stepping outside his boundaries and kidnapping Lisa and Ben to keep Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) busy.  Busy trying to find them.  But Crowley had stepped out of line doing this, but regardless of how angry Cas (The ever popular fan favorite Misha Collins) is about this, Crowley doesn’t care anymore.

Balthazar (Sebastian Roché) no longer believes in Cas and keeps the Winchesters in the loop.

Underneath it all, Cas desperately asked Dean to stand down and trust him, but Dean’s loathing of everything demon, including alliances with demons, keeps him from trusting Cas, with his own alliance with Crowley.

It was a heart-felt scene indeed.

Balthazar lets Dean know where Crowley is keeping Lisa and Ben and they end up saving them, but not without the help of Cas showing up to prove he cares.  Dean makes one last request of Cas, and subsequently, Lisa and Ben no longer knows who Dean is.

A truly sad moment in the history of Dean.

In the 2nd part of the 2-hour season closer, the season finale titled “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” the episode starts out rather off-kilter from the last episode, with much of the story going on inside Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) head while the main thrust of the story goes on outside of the dark shadows of Sam’s head.

In his head, Sam encounters himself, the self with no soul, an innocent victim he took out once (The beautiful Erica Cerra [Eureka]), and the Sam who remembers everything while he was down in Hell.  Killing each one joins that entity with the Sam we follow.  The last one warns Sam about killing him, but he won’t put up a fight.  Killing this last Sam will have all the Sam’s joined.  In other words, that wall that was put up to protect Sam from his time in hell, has been broken down.

Dean and Bobby (Jim Beaver) are tipped off by Balthazar where Cas is.  Cas kills Balthazar for betraying him.  Cas bails on his agreement with Crowley, Crowley goes to Raphael (Lanette Ware), and the new team comes for Cas, and then they try to open Purgatory… but Cas seems to have something up his sleeve.  He already had all the souls.

Cas takes out Raphael, Crowley bolts…  Cas has won.

But with all that power, all that juice, it’s gone to Cas’s head.  He now knows he’ is our god and if we don’t bow down and profess our love to him, he will destroy non-believers.  Sort of like the Old Testament, but on steriods.

This bodes ill for all involved.

= = =

Through it all, the season finale kept the energy that the entire sixth season has been building to.  It was not disappointing at all.  From Dean’s sacrifices to the intoxication of Cas with all the power, I suspect that the seventh season of Supernatural will be dealing with Cas’s new over-zealous power high.

But let’s not forget Sam…  whose mental barrier was broken down and now he has the memories, the shock and the trauma from his time down in “the cage” down in hell.

With season seven of Supernatural already ordered by The CW, we now know there will be at least two story lines to look forward to.

It’s hard to imagine where they’ll be going with this next one, but I’m sure they’ll pull something fun out of the air.  They always have so far.

And that’s my take on the season finale of Supernatural‘s sixth season.

Plus, it might seem to imply that Misha Collins could be returning to the seventh season of the show, though I suppose he could be referenced repeatedly and never shown, so I’m not sure this dispels those silly rumors that Collins is leaving the show.  I don’t believe the rumors but I’m preparing myself just in case.

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