Surprised That Bobby (Jim Beaver) Was Killed Off in Supernatural?

by on January 12, 2012

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When Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver, was first shot in the head during an episode of Supernatural, I wasn’t too worried. When he lay there in the hospital bed in a coma in a subsequent episode, I still wasn’t too worried.

I was wondering what exactly will happen and how they will deal with this life-altering moment with Bobby’s character in Supernatural.

And I wasn’t worried because in June of 2011, the news was that even though Jim Beaver wasn’t full-time on the show, that it worked out perfectly for him to be a part-time cast member/character.

Steven Williams as Rufus Turner and Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer in SUPERNATURAL

But the mid-season finale of Supernatural in December, with Bobby fighting off the Reaper was a very touching send off.


And then “the lie” that fooled me!

Sera Gamble (Supernatural‘s showrunner) said that we will be seeing Bobby Singer in season 7 of Supernatural and called the character a fixture. She even touched on enjoying his being part-time and about the possibility of his going full-time in future seasons.

So when Bobby Singer got shot in the head, I wasn’t worried about him.

Apparently the cool-aid was very refreshing and I drank heartily of it! And I’m a bit ticked, plus, I’m worried for the show.

I’m not ticked at Supernatural, but I’m ticked at the news that comes out one day, saying the coin will come up ‘heads,’ and then a few months later, it comes up ‘tails’ and it’s called a dramatic development. Obviously things change over time, so to be honest, I can’t blame anyone for thinking one thing, and another happening.

Side Tangent!:

This is why you’ve been seeing fewer articles about potential TV & movie news these days. I hate feeding that frenzy machine and have it not come to fruition. It’s a waste of both your time and mine!

I’ve quit trying to generate web hits for the sake of web hits by reporting on every fart and image that comes of a movie or TV show.

I hope to depend on like-minded, intelligent souls visiting this site and enjoying our time here together, as we reflect on some news about our favorite movies and shows.

In other words, I’d rather capture your attention intelligently and not with cheap practices!

End Side Tangent

Worried About Supernatural

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek Voyager Yes, I said I’m worried about the show.

In the old days, when a show started to flounder, they’d add a female co-lead to spice things up. It was interesting, but always a warning sign and inevitably, the show would end within a season or two. (Anyone remember the addition of Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) to Star Trek Voyager? That sparked a moment in ratings history when the numbers went up for the first time in a long time, rather than stay flat or continue to decline.)

So why would they kill off a fan-favorite?

The writing got good a few years ago when the budgets got cut. So maybe they’re depending on that. Look at Game of Thrones. A few faves got offed, but the story will be there for many to follow in subsequent seasons, so it’s acceptable.

But my worry is that the ratings aren’t good enough and the showrunners are scrambling to get some attention back on the franchise. There are two ways to get attention back on a franchise. Well, three, if you count better writing.

  1. Kill off a fan-favorite character in the show;
  2. Announce a series finale.

Inevitably, that gets most of the viewers attentions. Look at how we’re getting pummeled with ads about the “last season” of Desperate Housewives? And I’m betting that last episode will bring in better numbers than it’s been seeing in a long time.

So the concern I’m having is that they went this this great dramatic turn to get our attention. It worked for me, but did it work for the numbers game? The mid-season premiere episode after Bobby’s death saw a 38% increase in critical demographic TV ratings numbers.

To be honest, I hope I’m wrong. Plain and simple… But there ya have it! On the bright side, after being on shows like Breaking Bad and Justified in the past, Beaver is returning to Justified once again! Sweet!

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Supernatural Ratings Reference: TV By The Numbers

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