Surrogates with Bruce Willis (A Rental’s Review)

by on June 10, 2010

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Surrogates with Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell

Radha Mitchell & Bruce Willis in Surrogates

Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Rosamund Pike, Radha Mitchell and Boris Kodjoe amongst others is about a society where robotic surrogates have become the standard.  A surrogate is a robotic representation of the user, or whatever the user would like to look like in life.  The users stay home and operate the surrogates remotely.  This way, they don’t endanger themselves while out in society. But as we see, some folk either embrace it beyond healthy, use them like we do the internet now, or shun the entire idea of the prospect.

I have to say that there were two extremes for the character Bruce Willis plays and for the most part, whenever I see James Cromwell of late, he always seems to play the uber-focused evil CEO.  I’m just saying that’s been my experience…  Willis play an FBI agent investigating some murders and Cromwell plays the inventor of the surrogate technology.

The real meat of the story kicks in when 2 surrogates are zapped, and in turn, killing the users of the Surrogates.  One of the victims is the son of the man who invented Surrogates.  It’s a fascinating premise and it’s always an interesting visual to see an actor portraying a surrogate.  The surrogates walk perfectly and look absolutely showroom perfect with their perfect complexions.  Hell, even Bruce Willis’ surrogate has hair!  They looked like animated mannequins, and that was definitely weird.

The story is engaging enough, I’ll give it that.  And to a degree, we have to stay on our toes as we follow the different characters and their different surrogates, with what their motivations are.  It’s not complicated though it could be deemed a bit of a thinkers action-flick to keep track of a couple of the intricacies of the story.

The story itself is old with new actors.  The theme, beaten to death from how many different various movies and TV shows have touched on this, but if you’re looking for something to kill the time and enjoy any of all of the following actors: Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, James Cromwell, Ving Rhames, Rosamund Pike, Radha Mitchell and Boris Kodjoe, then you’ll probably enjoy the quiet down time with this film as a rental.  It’s only 90 minutes long so they need to get right to it and if you’re a major Cromwell fan, he doesn’t have as much face time as I would have liked to have seen him get, but don’t get me wrong, he plays an integral part in the story.

Since I don’t do halfsies, I can’t give it the 6.5 I’d like to give it, so I’d rate it as a ‘7’ out of ’10’, if I had to rate it.

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