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The season finale of Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites had the usual set of challenges and a surprise or two. Eric faded and was removed for medical reasons, with the word of dehydration being tossed out there by the EMT on-site.

There was a reward challenge that Cochran won, which gave him a huge advantage at the final immunity challenge.

Of course, we had that final walk of memories as the final four recalled specifics of the various previously evicted island folk.

The two memories that stood out for me was military boy and rice tosser. Or, if you need names, it’s Shamar and Brandon.

Shamar just seemed to be an embarrassing representative for the military. All this tough talk about being an Iraq War Veteran and he was one of most insecure players I’ve ever seen with that angry routine of his.

Brandon’s sound byte, talking about going out of the game on his note, seemed like such a lame statement, making an excuse for his inexcusable behavior. But I don’t think anyone was surprised a Hantz lost it… again.

And then there’s Mr. specialist, Phillip… do I need to say more in this guy?

After the final immunity challenge, despite losing his advantage, Cochran still managed to win that final immunity.

It was down to the sympathy card playing Dawn, the under the radar, stay at home mom, Sherri, and the ultimate fan, Cochran.

Personally, Dawn seemed to be a huge basket of nerves that coddled up to anyone who was in or near power during the season. In the questions by the jury round, everyone wanted her to own up to her moves and quit playing the sympathy breakdown card.

Brenda called Dawn on the carpet for helping her stay in the game, then evicting her. And Dawn lied through her teeth. (No pun) She told Brenda she wasn’t going to leave the game if she didn’t find her retainer. Yet if you saw that scene, you know she was headed off the island.

Sherri… she’s been an under-the-radar kind of player and admitted to that. Everyone thinks she was carried to the final 3.

But not too many people were focused on her. She was called a “shell sitting on the beach,” in reference to how she participated in the game. It seemed no one cared about her.

And then there’s the guy who has had 13 years of passion for the game… John Cochran. And am I seeing things, or does Cochran just seem so much more different in this episode or even this season? It’s like we watched him become a man, or THE man of the game.

During the jury questioning, every time Cochran spoke or answered a question, it seemed the jury was quite mellow while they kept making disgruntled faces about the other two contestants.

And to point, the end of show brought us to Studio City, CA, and Jeff read the votes.

It was a landslide victory for Cochran.

This is the ultimate win for Survivor, the biggest fan, the smartest fan, became a winner of the game he lived for.

So the meek could inherit the Earth! Or at least the meek took the game away from Malcolm!!!

In the after-show (reunion), Brenda and Dawn spoke for the first time since they last saw each other at the island. And I don’t believe anything Dawn says after what she did on the island. But she says she felt bad about what she did. Brenda sort of said that it’s all behind her.

Oh, and when the show ended, Brenda went home and made up for lost time with her man! She’s 9 months pregnant and ready to drop! Congrats to Brenda!

Phillip: Boston Rob was there and said he’s the most entertaining player there is. Rob was also motivated by him and wrote a book of rules for life and Survivor and gave it to Phillip!

Malcom called the game humbling. He felt he would strut in and win everything. And to see Cochran on the beach, feet up in the air with burnt feet, he figured he’d be the first to go.

As far as the fan favorite award vote, Malcom won the $100k.

And the next season of Survivor, it’s 27th season, is titled Survivor: Blood vs. Water. That’s all Jeff Probst would tell fans on TV.

My hunch? Blood is thicker than water… I think we’re going to have family members vs. friends. But that’s just my guess.

And yours?

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