Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Finale Recap and Report

by on May 16, 2010

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Survivor - Heroes vs Villains

In Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains season finale, we had Colby, who used more social strategy than his past season. Parvati, who has played Survivor more than anyone. Slinky and sneaky. I’ve never really liked her.. she reminds me of someone I used to work with. Then there’s Sandra who played a stealthy yet in your face game, all at once. And Jerri, a player who was a bit flirtatious and yet pushy. Of course, there’s Russell. Russell used each tool available to him, told everyone what they needed to hear to diffuse them, and tossed each item until the need of the tool is done. In their face, blunt, arrogant and sneaky as all get out. I call him the head game master.

Russell is calling Parvati sneaky about the idea that she might have known about Sandra’s immunity idol…

The first challenge is a dish stacking challenge. I didn’t expect Colby to do this too well… He’s not traditionally done well at these kinds of challenges. 9 Dishes high and Sandra was the first one out. At 14 dishes high, Jerri falls out. Then Russell, then Colby. Parvati wins this immunity challenge.

Colby knew he needed this, and just told everyone let’s just enjoy this last day. But it was a ploy… yet he’s surrounded by the evil people. See, bad sneaky people always win. I’ve been on the receiving end of that! LOL.

Then Colby pitches Russell. At Tribal Council, the votes go Colby, Sandra, Colby, Colby. 16th Survivor voted off the island!

Russell pitches Jerri about surviving to the final 2. While writing this, I am just hoping… HOPING that Parvati gets eliminated.

The remaining 4 do that time killing walk of memory, recapping eac of the previous contestants they’ve ousted in this season.

LOL, I like Randy’s quote: People stupider than me controlling my fate.

The final immunity challenge involves a maze where each contestant has to retrieve an immunity necklace from each section of the maze.

Russell led the pack early snagging these immunity necklaces while Sandra trailed the pack.

At the end, Russell snags the last immunity necklace in a very close race to snag that highly valued item.

At this next and final Tribal Challenge Jeff Probst does his usual quizzing and probing of the bedraggled survivors amongst the villains. The votes went Parvati, Jerri, Jerri & Jerri.

That left the egotistical Russell, the smiley slinky Parvati and Sandra.

Sandra pulled a Russell and tossed his hat into the camp fire. LOL. They burn down their camp and walked away… Sandra made a great point that she never hid behind any immunity challenge. The jury made the votes the best they could from what they experienced and the answers they received during the final council’s round of questioning.

And just as well… because Sandra takes the title of Winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

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