Survivor Nicaragua Finale and Winner

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Survivor Nicaragua Season Finale and Winner recap

Tonight’s Survivor Nicaragua season finale was pretty interesting.  A lot happened in the two-hour finale that made the episode rather engaging and entertaining.   Let’s get right to it:

The First Immunity Challenge

The first immunity challenge from the season finale of Survivor Nicaragua was full of questions and puzzles.  Fabio choked early and got behind while Sash, Holly, Chase and Dan charged ahead.

Chase dropped a piece and that messed him up.

Fabio played hard an caught up to Sash and surprisingly, coming from behind, Fabio wins the challenge and wins immunity and gets himself into the final four.  So much for that “dumb blonde” image he built up!

First Tribal Council

At the first tribal council tonight, the big issue that came up was focused on if Holly was really a threat or not.  Fabio kept his immunity idol.

Votes when Dan, Dan, (oh ho), Chase, Dan!  The tribe spoke and Dan was sent packing to the jury.  Dang, Dan had a pretty spiteful farewell video message to the audience.

After that, everyone is making plans with everyone…  Who really has plans, well, it just seems that while we hear different plans, there’s a quorum that they see Fabio (I can’t believe it’s not butta!) as the biggest threat.

And here we go as the final four take a memory walk down the beach thinking of past contestants from this season.

Is Naonka crazy?  Sure, she continues to believe she was the smartest player, all while quitting the game voluntarily.

The Final Immunity Challenge

The final challenge for immunity was a coin stacking test and no, they’weren’t perfectly flat coins and the coins had to be balanced on the handle of a sword, with the tip placed against a shield.

Jeff Probst called out what coins to place on the stack and each call had a specific amount of time where the contestant had to pt the coins up.

It looked like Fabio was going to go out first as his stack looked pretty iffy, but Holly dropped one first, removing herself from contention for immunity.  Then Chase took himself out too and it was down to Sash and Fabio… but dang, Fabio had the viewers on edge… his stack did not look good.  At all!  Cripes!  Sash’s stack looked good.  It was an anxiety trip indeed to watch it until Sash actually blew it and Fabio won the last immunity.

That makes three of the last immunities he won.  Now he relished the idea that the other contestants will start coming to him to plead their cases to him.

Plus he had to balance out all the angles.

Final Tribal Council

At the final tribal council, Fabio was just buzzing and pretty jazzed.

The votes went down, Sash, Holly, Holly, Holly…. Holly was out and that left the boys, Fabio, Sash and Chase for the Jury to choose the winner.

  • Sash… blamed the game.
  • Chase… bring it on and was honest about it.
  • Fabio… he’d love to win and would have a lot of fun with a million bucks!

Through all the questions, Sash kept apologizing to everyone… sheesh.  Zoinks, Jane is really pissed at Sash, more so than the other two.

The smartest player of the game then asked a question… did she?  She asked Fabio a question about his parents and his strong, emotional response got some tears in the jury going.

The jury voted and Jeff walked off the island and into the live results show.  Did you notice Jeff had the same shirt on that he wore when he walked off the island?  The three boys looked so different.  Then again, the final three always do once they get a shower and some real food that doesn’t consist of bugs and rice.

Jeff pointed out that the original theme of old versus young from Survivor Nicaragua, and the  final three were all young folk.

Votes went:  Fabio, Chase, Fabio, Chase, Chase (3-2), Chase (4-2), Fabio (4-3), Fabio (4-4)  The final vote went to Fabio!  Sash did not get any votes.  Very cool win indeed.

Jud “Fabio” Birza was the youngest Survivor winner ever.

Survivor Nicaragua season finale Winner Fabio

Congrats to Fabio!

And that led into the live show but I had to hit the hay… early morning for this kid.  Thanks for coming by!

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