‘Survivor: One World’ Season Finale and Winner Announced

by on May 13, 2012

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'Survivor: One World' series finale winnerAs the season finale of Survivor: One World kicked it in gear, they recapped events up to now, including the evil of Colton…

The first challenge was a multi-tiered set of challenges, that ended in a puzzle with clues.  At first we thought Kim had the plan to win, but something wasn’t right… but on her second try, despite the competition climbing all over her time, she managed to win immunity for the third time this season.

Is it me, or do the girls just look pretty clean and not starving?  What happen to the old school game?

At the tribal council, even though Alicia kept thinking she was running the show, she got the boot!

After that was the traditional memory walk, where they remember the first person out of the game as if they were close friends forever and whatnot…

Matt thought he was playing the best game out there, even though he was the first guy out.  (Gotta love folks full of themselves.)

And then there was Colton, who left of his own, self-earned karma.  That’s the only way I can explain it. (I remember his interviews in the media after he left and he kept excusing his a-hole attitude as his sense of humor.)

Then there was Lief, who slept in a drawer.

The next immunity challenge was up… this one is set on a wobbly spring and the gang have to balance 10 bowls on this springy thing.

It was pretty intense but Kim wins immunity again!  She’s rocking… she’s a beast!!!

At the second tribal council, it seemed as if the consensus was that Christina was going home.

When the votes were in, Christina was evicted from the island!

There was consideration that being the weaker player, she would have been safe to take to the finals.  But instead, well, ’nuff said there.

Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina face off with the voting council.  (Isn’t it funny how fake boobs really stick out when the contestants get a little more gaunt through the season?  Just sayin’.)

Addressing the jury, Chelsea had to stand.  (Was she trying to sway the guys with her assets?  LOL)  She then did her spin.  She sort of gave Kim kudos, talking about her making friends in the game.

Kim called it a game of poker and had a good speech.

Sabrina seemed to admit to not stepping up and addressing contestants during the game.  She then tossed out a sympathy card by telling the jury she was laid off before coming to the game.

Highlights of the Jury questioning that caught my eye:

During the questioning, Alicia stuck to her guns and admitted to being the kingpin of the game… though somehow, that kingpin got evicted.

Tarzan thanked god and the girls for letting him stay long enough on the island to have his wife come and join him.  (It was a heart-felt thank you from him.)

Kat’s question was more about herself not being angry because she has a health condition that require her to have open-heart surgery next year.

So in the United States, the girls looked SO DIFFERENT from the island look.

As the followup show kicks it in gear, Jeff counts off the votes and they read off like this,


Kim Spradlin WON       !!!  (Wow, and Chelsea got how many votes???)

Jeff asked Colton if he owns up to what he did and said and he said he’s comfortable watching the show.  He says he saw a very mean person.  Go figure. Jeff asked, are you who we saw on the show.  He said he’s not a racist, and his selective memory said that the show got boring after he left.  Huh.  Even his mom wasn’t proud of how he played.  She apologized for Colton, to anyone he offended. (It would have been nice to hear that from Colton without having it dragged out of him by Jeff.)

On to of winning the game, Kim also got the most viewer votes to win the additional prize of $100k for fan-favorite.

Jeff Probst announced that the next season of Survivor will be Survivor: Philippines, will have three tribes and there will be three contestants returning that had previously left prior games due to medical reasons.

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