Survivor Philippines Winner, with a Quick Season Finale Recap

by on December 16, 2012

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survivor philippines season finale

Tonight’s season finale of Survivor Philippines was now down to Michael, Malcolm, Denise and Lisa. Abi was just ejected from the island. It now comes down to who wants to be sitting next to whom, at the final tribal council. Meanwhile, Michael is striking a flint and I’m worried he’ll blow himself up!

Our first Survivor reward challenge has obstacles to be navigated, peppered with bags full of puzzle pieces. The winner will get an advantage to the upcoming immunity challenge.

The puzzle wasn’t your common challenge and it was a great equalizer. The winner turned out to be Malcolm, just barely over Denise.

Then we had the usual bartering and sneaky-plan making. This was followed up by the memory walk as we experienced the past players from this season. Here, we saw the mistakes and regrets made by each player. (The most common, I think, was being too honest or too bold in this process.)

The immunity challenge involved using pieces of a pole and a small metal ball and balancing it on this beam. Malcolm’s reward challenge gives him a “gimme.” He’s allowed to drop the ball once and pick it back up.

That could have been be huge but Malcolm dropped first and pretty early on then dropped it again. (Live writing prediction: Not sure who would take him with him to the final.)

Then Denise dropped. Michael and Lisa went a few rounds facing off against each other and Michael wins immunity. This is pretty cool for the man who, 12 years ago, was taken out of the game by injury.

It comes to the final tribal council. On a funny note, Abi still looks like she’s dragged a huge chip with her on her shoulder as she sits down and looks pretty ticked, still. Eh, it’s Abi.

The council went as they always do… secrets come out, tactics are displayed, the chat is over and the votes go


Malcolm is out, leaving Denise, Michael and Lisa as the final three of the Survivor season finale. I actually never thought Lisa would make it this far in the game. Pretty interesting.

Survivor Philippines season finale winnerAnd then it’s here… Tribal Council, Night 39… and now, we can say that Denise has been at every single tribal council in a season of Survivor.

But now, the votes are to keep them and make one winner. (And Abi still looks frumpy. Malcolm looks defeated.)

The questions were the usual, some anger, some logical inquiry, some frustration, some bitter, some vanity and ONE WEIRD LAUGH…

Off to Hollywood we go and before anything else, Jeff Probst holds a moment of silence for the victims of Newtown, CT..

The votes for winner of Survivor went as follows,

Denise (2)
Denise (3)
Denise (4)!!!!

Denise Stapley wins Survivor Philippines

Denise Stapley won Survivor Philippines.

Congrats to the hard-working player who may have very well been the most in-shape contestant on the series.

The winner of the most popular vote was Lisa.

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