‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Finale Quick Recap w/ Winner Announced

by on May 15, 2011

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Survivor: Redemption Island

Spoilers if you DVR’d this:  The finale of Survivor: Redemption Island kicks in with a great recap of the season.  In the Redemption Island challenge, Andrea beat out Matt, Grant & Mike and she goes back into the game.  This made her part of the final five.  Philip, Rob, Natalie and Ashley with Andrea.

Three girls, two guys.  This could be interesting.

In the Survivor immunity challenge, Ashley wins it.  Rob started strong but floundered in mid-challenge just enough to give it to her.  Now the girls are talking amongst the girls, Rob and Philip are chatting up.

The preview chats seem to show us that Rob will not be playing the immunity idol… and he’s sounding pretty cocky.  It worries me when a player gets cocky.  But this first tribal council is the last chance to play the idol and Rob plays it.

And Andrea gets the boot!  See ya!

The second immunity challenge is a big maze with puzzle pieces to solve a word phrase.  Ashley piggie-backed on Rob and simply followed him.  I hate that… you lead with good ideas and others follow suit.  Crap tactic.

Rob got to the puzzle working station, with Ashley right behind him.  It looks tough but Rob wins the final immunity of this season of Survivor: Redemption Island!

Now that he’s safe, will he get the votes?  Will the competitors appreciate his game-play?  We’ll see.

Rob has everyone believing he’s with them.  Heck, I don’t know for sure,  but at the tribal council, Ashley finds herself on the out.  Rob convinced Natalie to vote for Ashley.

Right now, you have to look at Natalie, Philip and Rob, I have a hard time imagining that folks will vote for anyone but Rob.  But we’ll see.

The Jury quizzing went as expected… Philip showed his crazy side, Natalie played the ‘Rob & I‘ card constantly.  Rob just showed with his answers, how he’s had to play the game.

Ashley is pretty snappy.  Matt, well, is too.  There’s an attitude of how terrible the last three are and how dirty they are.  It seems some don’t get how to play this kind of reality TV game.

Mike had possibly one of the more mature questions of the bunch.

Ed, the attorney didn’t ask questions… he spoke to the jury.  LOL.  But in so doing, called Rob ruthless and brilliant.  Said he went up against the self-proclaimed best of the game (Russell, the information leak) and bested him.

At the New York vote count, as usual, everyone looks much better than they did on the island.  With that said, the votes went as follows until a winner is declared:


Philip, (This is a Ralph vote!)





And  Rob Mariano wins Survivor: Redemption Island, on his fourth try!

Congrats to Rob!

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