Swamp Volcano on Syfy; A Quick TV Review

by on January 28, 2012

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Brad Douriff (L) and Cleavant Derricks in Syfy Movie Swamp Volcano - a TV Review

This is a TV review of Swamp Volcano (AKA Miami Magma) Original Saturday Night movie on Syfy. It stars ex-model Rachel Hunter (Gravity), Melissa Ordway (In Time, Escapee), Cleavant Derricks (Sliders) and acting veteran Brad Dourif (Catch .44, Priest; on TV: Deadwood).

Swamp Volcano (AKA Miami Magma) was produced by Activity Film Services and directed by Todor Chapkanov (Monsterwolf). It was written by Declan O’Brien (Wrong Turn 3 & 4; Sharktopus). [I keep saying aka because it’s referred to in IMDb as Miami Magma.]

Swamp Volcano starts out on Syfy looking and sounding like an older TV show, my first thought was Miami Vice, but that opening was better. (I was starting to worry right away, but things settled down for me.) Then we switch to a dad video chatting with his daughter and wife on his smart phone. He’s on a Holter Energy drilling rig (called Trans Ocean Alpha) when a funky computer read out suggested they should stop drilling but of course, they argue about it until they try to shut down. But it’s too late and the rig runs into trouble. As in volcanic trouble and blows up… in a tiny CGI explosion.

(Oh dude, you’re supposed to put the life vest on, then dive in… not throw the life vest in and dive after it!)

The movie distinctly looks/feels like it was filmed on tape! It’s got that fuzzy, noisy sound.

Of course, after the drilling rig disappears, the oil company insists on moving forward with their other operations becuse of the profitability. (Hmm.)

In the first 30 minutes, very little took place so the story moves a bit slow between excessive character introduction and a bunch of stock footage of beautiful Miami, Florida.

Rachel Hunter in Swamp Volcano AKA Miami Magma, on Syfy

A bit later, our greedy CEO dies because he tries to override safety measures on a rig and of course, don’t forget the prerequisite beach bikini contest… killing even more movie time while we wait for the inevitable death and destruction.

And then it happens… with really horrid makeup… as the city is struck with what they call a “STEAM TSUNAMI!” And then there’s the over the top oil execs with their enthusiasm to make money.

(I’ve learned that secret spy gear can’t have big red blinking lights on it and be in plain view!)

Well, to be honest, the Syfy movie was an interesting mix of factors. Aside from a few real silly acting moments, most of the cast pulled off decent portrayals. It was one of those movies that the acting wasn’t so bad that it took away from the entire evening and hence, lost time of your life. But the tragedy of the movie seemed minimized because we didn’t see it every other scene. (Maybe that’s a good thing actually.)

Overall, this was a standard Syfy movie with standard Syfy TV movie special effects. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your to watch it, but if it came on while you were hanging out, you don’t need to run from it like some movies we encounter on that TV box thing on the other side of your room.

(Never take a freight elevator when a Swamp Volcano is going off underneath you!)

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