Swamp Volcano on Syfy Pulled In The Usual Number of Viewers

by on February 1, 2012

in Entertainment

Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsI know you were curious, right?  Well, for all 15 or 20 of you that might be interested, (I know you care!) the other weekend when Syfy channel aired “The Syfy Saturday Original Movie” Swamp Volcano, starring Rachel Hunter and Brad Dourif, pulled in just over the usual average number of viewers for a Saturday night original movie on Syfy…

Syfy averages around 2 million viewers on their Saturday night movie programming and Swamp Volcano pulled in just over that, with 2.17 million total viewers on its premiere night.  That’s right, if you watched, you were part of a 2 million person party.  724k adults, ages 25-54 were part of that demographic.

Syfy ChannelIn Swamp Volcano, oil rig drillers in the Gulf of Mexico accidentally hit an underground lava flow, causing a massive volcano to form in Miami. A volcanologist and her sister attempt to blow the whistle on an illegal oil drilling scheme before it sets off the eruption that will destroy civilization. Swamp Volcano was a production of Bullet Films.

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