Syfy ‘Alphas’ Season Finale plays Huge Story Changer

by on October 4, 2011

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If you caught the season finale of Alphas on the Syfy channel last week, you know what I mean by it being a huge story changer. But has this game changer come too soon in the Alphas franchise?

David Strathairn plays Dr. Lee Rosen, the man in charge of the gifted group of people. Ryan Cartwright plays Gary Bell, who not only has an alpha gift, but is a bit gifted himself.

Warren Christie plays Cameron Hicks, the man with incredible aim. Azita Ghanizada plays Rachel Pirzad. Her gift is the ability to by hyper-attuned to her surroundings. She can see and hear things no one else can. She’s a walking CSI lab!

Laura Mennell plays Nina Theroux, the woman who can exert her will-power of most people, to make them do what she wants them to.

Malik Yoba plays Bill Harken, who can use super-strength, when his adrenaline kicks in.

In the first season finale of Alphas, a lot has progressed in the plot. It’s matured quickly and though I like where it’s gone, I’m thinking it’s gone the route of X-Men a little too quickly. It’s going to be a tricky route to follow, but it’s not impossible.

David Strathairn, Malik Yoba and Azita Ghanizada in 'Alphas'

In the season finale, “Original Sin,” the Alphas have had to deal with the group of Alphas knows as the Red Flag. They’re the primary foil to Dr. Rosen’s group of Alphas.

The season has led up to a confrontation between Rosen’s group of the Red Flag, but only because they were manipulated into it by an ultimate leader of the other side. It seems that Red Flag had a faction within it that wanted to go public, but a primary player of Red Flag, Stanton Parish, manipulated Rosen and law enforcement into a shootout with the faction, which ended their push to go public.

Parish didn’t think going public was good for anyone.

Ryan Cartwright, Malik Yoba, Warren Christie and Azita Ghanizada in 'Alphas'

In the melee, Anna is killed and that upsets the Gary very much, and as he’s hard enough to handle on a normal day, this didn’t help that his friend was killed.

We also discover that Rosen’s daughter is also an Alpha. One who can project emotions into other people, but she’s been on the lamb from the family for quite some time until Rosen encounters her in the beginning of the episode.

Through it all, the episode packs a lot of punch.

Anna is gone. Gary is not happy, Rosen’s daughter, though so very nice to see the family reunion, is much more than she’s letting on.

But when Dr. Rosen meets with congress and secretly telecasts his speech, hence, publicly admitting to the world that Alphas exist is one hell of a step in some direction for the show.

In a word or two, the latter half of season one of Syfy’s Alphas was a much improved product over the first half. It was by sheer luck I caught the 2nd half of the season, as I had stopped watching it after the 3rd episode. But one day, one televised marathon later on the Syfy channel, I see the show picked up in cohesive quality of characters and story.


What worries me (or does it) is that Syfy replaced this season’s showrunner, Steven Behr, with Bruce Miller.

With Behr, he brought the experience from The 4400, The 2002 Twilight Zone series, Dark Angel and the two Star Trek series, Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation to the set of Syfy channel’s Alphas.


Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsBruce Miller’s work can be seen in TV shows like ER, Everwood, Medium, The 4400, Men in Trees, In Plain Sight and the ill-fated Eureka. (It’s fifth season is its last, coming out next year).

With this change of creative driving, I’m not sure where the story for Alphas will go, but I have a feeling that is going to be in good hands.

I am looking forward to where they’re going with Alphas.

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Bruce E. Simmons (BruSimm) October 5, 2011 at 8:51 am

LOL… yes, I believe you are correct Paul… we like it, therefore, it will become a ghost show.

And seriously Syfy??? What are we up to, 4 reality TV series with Ghosts? I think Syfy is stretching the “reality TV” logo a bit too far with all these ghost shows, but hey, if it sucks in the viewers for that kind of show, I guess it will go on!

Me, I sort of like the premise behind SCARE TACTICS. I think it could be done better/differently, but I like the premise. And now Tracy Morgan has become one of the producers or such, if I remember right.

paul forcey October 5, 2011 at 7:22 am

I liked it but i did think it was obvious that the daughter was something to do with red faction.
I liked the televising bit, that should upset the apple cart some!

I like it and will watch it next season, which of course means they will cancel it and put on more ghost stuff instead…

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