Syfy Channel Comes to the Rescue During The Grammy and Academy Awards

by on February 8, 2012

in Entertainment

Syfy channel LogoThis is the season of Hollywood awards shows.  Some folks love the award shows and others seem to have tenuous,  strained relationships with their televisions while the awards shows are on because sometimes, that’s all that’s on.  No one wants to really compete with some of the various awards shows.

Que the Syfy channel to the rescue!  Yes, I just said that because Syfy has scheduled some theatrical movie marathons for the award days.

If you’re dreading Sunday, February 12th, the Syfy Grammy programming schedule wil start at 10 AM and run through to 5:30 AM the following morning.  This TV movie marathon will feature End of Days,  starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If the Oscars aren’t your thing, Syfy will start it’s theatrical movie marathon at 10:30 AM and run through to 5 AM the next morning.  Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse will be featured, starting  at 7 PM.

[Syfy Press]

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