Syfy Channel Is Airing Their Own Set of ‘Thor’ Movies

by on May 3, 2011

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Syfy Channel LogoA few weeks back Syfy channel aired Asylum Home Entertainment’s rip-off knock-off movie of Battle Los Angeles, by playing Battle of Los Angeles on the same weekend that the box office version opened. Battle of Los Angeles TV Review.

They’re at it again.

This Friday, May 6th, Paramount Pictures Thor opens in theaters the U.S. nationally… and on Saturday night, the Syfy channel will be airing another one of Asylum Home Entertainment’s nuggets of plagiarism, titled Almighty Thor.

We’ll have Thor, Loki, Odin & Jarnsaxa characters in this action-packed pinnacle of adventure.  Ah, in this version of the story, Thor carries his hammer around under a cloak that doubles as a cape when swung right, pulling out the thing to do battle seems like the prop is either too heavy or too big or both & he walks around and apparently uses an Uzi to get the job done… or tries.  Yes, apparently there are Uzi’s in Asgard!

After the break is a teaser (or a warning, depending on how you view it) and a promo poster art.

Almighty Thor Teaser:

Asylum Home EntertainmentOK, there’s a young woman by the name of Patricia Velasquez (Mindhunters, The Mummy Returns, The Mummy) in it wielding a sword and kicking the digital monster’s butt. Even in this ninety-second clip, it seems apparent the acting will be … beer inducing! (OH!!! That’s what I need for my new movie review scales, Beer ratings!!!)

So like you, my trusty readers, I am completely sure you can’t wait for Saturday nights “Syfy Original Movie”, Almighty Thor! I’m headed out to buy the libations now!

Oh, wait, I forgot something…

Syfy channel will also be airing Thor: Hammer of the Gods right after Almighty Thor! How could I forget that one! It came out in 2009 and is distributed by The Sci-Fi Channel and produced by NBC Universal Television studios.

In this one, Zachery Ty Bryan plays Thor. If I remember correctly, it was a very slow moving story… then again, I may have gone into some form of shock and my mind, in trying to protect itself from the memories, may have induced amnesia.

That’s Almighty Thor on the Syfy channel, this Saturday, May 7th!


Check it out, they don’t even have the actor’s name who is playing Thor on their movie poster!

Almighty Thor on the Syfy Channel, from Asylum movie poster

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Bruce Simmons May 3, 2011 at 3:48 pm

LOL… had not thought of that one!

Muckdog May 3, 2011 at 3:22 pm

I can’t wait to see what SyFy comes up with for the Harry Potter weekend!


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