Syfy Channel Red: Werewolf Hunter Starring Felicia Day – A Quick Review

by on October 31, 2010

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Red: Werewolf Hunter TV Movie Review

The Syfy Channel Original Movie, Red: Werewolf Hunter, starred Felicia Day, who plays Virginia and Kavan Smith who plays her boyfriend. She’s bringing him home to meet her family and their day jobs see them as both FBI agents. Red, which is Virginia’s nickname, wants to tell him about her family business, that of being werewolf hunters, but the family says it must be a family decision to tell an outsider. And yes, she’s a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood and this origins story is a wee bit different than the classic story we all know.

Red: Werewolf Hunter starring Felicia Day

Her family is played by Stephen McHattie, David Reale, and Greg Bryk.

Circumstances force their hand and they need to tell Nathan. A bit later on, Nathan finds himself “bitten,” even though it was not a full moon. Apparently they’ve found a way to turn at will. Nathan wasn’t digesting the werewolf info too well until he had his own encounter. Now he believes, but too late.

I like that werewolves burn up when they die… very vampire-like

Felicia Day in Syfy TV Movie Red: Werewolf Hunter

We learn that the werewolves have games where they capture humans and then let them go and hunt them… Virginia’s family is trying to stop this, well, along with every living werewolf, but during the height of the full moon, it gets complicated as Nathan changes. Virginia stops her family from killing him but now what?

In the end after an all-out fight between the hunters and the werewolves, Virginia has to make a very tough decision. A decision that seriously confuses me, considering what she’s done, what was done to her.

Red: Werewolf Hunter isn’t a bad story and some of the effects aren’t too bad though the full-on werewolf look isn’t top-notch and actually, is kind of hokey. But I love the intermediate look between human and werewolf.

It was better than most Syfy Original Saturday Night movies and that was a great thing. It was a sedate sort of action paced movie. Wasn’t dull but the action felt weird to me, though I can’t put my finger on it. I suspect part of that was a lack of any real moments of humor, but I’m still not sure. Plus the action felt like it was 80% choreographed & 20% ad-lib, for lack of a better descriptor.

It had some fan favorites in Felicia Day and Stargate Atlantis fans probably found themselves enjoying watching Kavan Smith. All in all, it was enjoyable enough to recommend, even if the last 30 seconds, which leaves it open for a sequel, was a bit hokey.

Red: Werewolf Hunter was directed by Sheldon Wilson (Mothman (TV movie), Screamers: The Hunting) & the screenplay was written by Brook Durham (Merlin and the Book of Beasts, Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld). It’s produced by Chesler/Perlmutter Productions (The Devil’s Teardrop, Lies and Crimes).

(BTW: Durham is the screenplay writer and Chesler/Perlmutter is producing Witchslayer, one of Emilie Ullerup’s upcoming Syfy TV movies.)

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Bruce Simmons November 12, 2010 at 12:14 pm

tap …tap …tap

Bruce Simmons (BruSimm) November 1, 2010 at 11:31 am

You make a great point when you say “do more research before writing on the web” michele. My resource only gave me one production company…

For the masses, yes, both Mancuso and Durham worked the project though I focused on only one individual here. (And they’re working together on WITCHSLAYER too…)

It’s like when someone says that Steven Spielberg produced a show, but then you see 4 or 5 other names in the credits that are never mentioned.

Thanks coming by and leaving the update though I wish you would have left a comment that was a little more civil… Hey! is this “… Smodgi?” Just wondering?

Take care, -B

michele Greco November 1, 2010 at 11:12 am

actually the TV movie Red: Werewolf hunter was produced by Vesuvius productions, Developed by Angela Mancuso, you should do more research before writing on the web.

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