Syfy Channel’s Winner of ‘Face Off’ Is…

by on March 16, 2011

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Face Off on Syfy Has A Winner

[ Update 3-15-12: The season 2 report is at The S2 Winner of Face Off ]

After a quick Syfy season of special effects contests, whittling away at the contestants one challenge after another until we got down to four artists facing off with each other, the Face Off contestants were challenged with the premise of creating fairy tale horrors.

All the contestants brought it pretty strong to the finale and they showed they were deserving of being in the season finale of Face Off, but as one movie once put it from years gone by, “There can be only one.”

The judges this season were Patrick Tatopoulos, Glenn Hetrick, & Ve Neill.

Conor McCullagh Syfy Channel's 'Face Off' WinnerThe winner of Face Off, winning the ‘$100k, 1 year’s worth supplies of makeup’ top prize went to … ah for crying out loud, 6 minutes left, the guy was going to announce the winner and we get an ad… the suspense is killing me!,

The winner of Face Off was Conor.  That was no real surprise.  He brought his A-game almost every week, showing a maturity above the rest, a wonderful eye to detail, a great imagination and delivery of his end product.  I was not surprised he won.

And keep your eyes open folks… Syfy renewed Face Off and they’re already casting for season two of Face Off!  Deadline for filling out applications is April 12th.


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andrea524 March 18, 2011 at 5:56 pm

my show went to commercial and my dvr cut it off!! I thank you for writing this article or I might have never known who won. Congrats to Conor

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