Syfy Digital Acquires The Rights to RIESE with an Eye Towards a TV Series (Fracking Awesome!)

by on April 8, 2010

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RIESE The Series

Syfy just released a breaking news item that Syfy Digital has acquired the rights to Riese, the Series, and is looking to stream the first season on Syfy Digital, and the yet to be seen 2nd season on the same channel. The awesome part of the deal is that they’re looking to take Riese on the development path to a series for TV.

Riese stars Christine Chatelain, Patrick Gilmore, Sharon Taylor and Ben Cotton.

But if you look carefully at some of the newest cast members of Riese, you’ll catch a few familiar names:

Allison Mack (Smallville), Ryan Robbins (Sanctuary), Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica) and our favorite of the bunch, Emilie Ullerup as Aliza

Here’s the complete cast list, courtesy of IMDb:

  • Christine Chatelain
  • Patrick Gilmore
  • Sharon Taylor
  • Ben Cotton
  • Bart Anderson
  • Richard Harmon
  • Ryan Grantham
  • Allison Mack
  • Ryan Robbins
  • Shauna Johannesen
  • Robin Nielsen
  • Leah Gibson
  • Gina Chiarelli
  • Alessandro Juliani
  • Peter Kelamis
  • Emilie Ullerup

Maybe Emilie getting cut from Sanctuary was a good thing in the long run folks! Like they say, everything happens for a reason!

Check out the Syfy Press Release below:


Season One and The Never-Before-Seen Season Two To Be Streamed on Syfy Digital With Eye Towards Development for Broadcast

New York, New York – April 8, 2010 – Syfy remains on the forefront of cutting edge fantasy based digital entertainment with the acquisition of the highly acclaimed web series, Riese, it was announced today by Craig Engler, SVP and GM of Syfy Digital. Syfy Digital has acquired the rights to the entire 10-part series – which is distributed by Fireworks International, the television and digital distribution arm of ContentFilm plc – with an eye towards development for a broadcast air. Riese consists of two five-part episode seasons, with season two premiering fully for the first time exclusively on Season one and two are both slated for a digital launch in the fall 2010.

“Riese is a fantastic web series with a lot of room to grow, and we’re excited to work with the very talented cast and crew to help them take the show to the next level, backed by the full promotional efforts that Syfy can bring to the table,” said Engler. “At the same time we’ll be working hand-in-hand with our TV development team to see if Riese has the potential to make the jump to TV, just like our hit show Sanctuary did.”

Riese recently scooped the Streamy Award for ‘Best Cinematography in a Web Series’ with a further three nominations for Best Sound Design, Best Foreign Series and Art Direction. The digital series starring Christine Chatelain (Sanctuary, Fringe), Sharon Taylor (Smallville, Eureka), Ben Cotton (Stargate Atlantis, Haper’s Island), and Patrick Gilmore (Fringe, Stargate Universe), was shot in Vancouver, BC, and is created by Ryan Copple and Kaleena Kiff and produced by Galen Fletcher and Nicholas Humphries.

Jonathan Ford, Executive Vice-President, Digital Acquisitions and Distribution at Fireworks International added, “Syfy is highly regarded in the digital community with a fantastic background in identifying and securing the best in new multiplatform content. We are delighted to announce this significant deal for the important US market and look forward to working with the Syfy team on the web series as well as developing Riese for television.”

Riese is a fantasy-adventure based web series that chronicles a mysterious wanderer named Riese, (portrayed by Chatelain). A life-on-the-run from a world with a dim future, Riese and her trusted wolf companion, Fenrir flee their dying land of Eleysia in search of freedom as they are hunted by assassins of ‘The Sect,’ a terrifying religious entity. As she tries to piece together her mysterious past, Riese will take on a life and death journey with the balance and the fate of the world lying in the palm of her hands.

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