Syfy Pulling ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ 4-Hour Blocks & Moving ‘Sanctuary’

by on April 24, 2011

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Sarah Connor Chronicles Programming Block Pulled

A while back, the Syfy channel snagged the airing rights to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and started airing the show in 4 hour chunks of time on Thursdays.  When I first reported this TSCC development [Syfy to air TSCC] in February, I questioned the validity of burning through an entire series in such short order.

I also started wondering how little help that would be for the network to blast us for four hours at a time and if viewers actually had the time to take away from other shows to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

I mean seriously?

Now TV By the Numbers has reported that Syfy is pulling the TSCC mini-marathons and replacing it with ST:TNG mini-thons.  (Star Trek: The Next Generation)  This replacement takes place next week.


Sanctuary Moving Nights

The other news was something I saw at the end of the latest Friday night’s episode of Sanctuary, and that it is that they’re moving the show from Friday nights to Monday nights.  Or in me estimation, condemning the show to cancellation.

As far as I’m concerned, with what little ratings the show had, putting it on Mondays, you might as well stuff it in the ratings toilet and yank the handle.

Any predictions that this is probably the last season of Sanctuary?  I am.  And I’m sure they’ll quote ratings and this and that and other things.

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