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Syfy Channel logo TV newsThis piece touches on upcoming holiday fare of what’s left of 2012, a listing of Syfy Channel‘s Twilight Zone TV marathon episodes, and a few premieres coming up in January, like Being Human, everyone’s favorite fantasy series, Lost Girl, and the series premiere of Continuum.

Tis the season for Syfy fans. Did you catch the K-9 marathon on Syfy on Christmas day? I checked it out but it didn’t snag my imagination as much as I thought it would. But at least I caught a few episodes of the famed Doctor Who spin-off.

And don’t forget the Twilight Zone marathon coming up on New Year’s day.

I’m seeing on the 26th a Merlin marathon, followed by a Ghost Hunters marathon.

December 27th through the 30th sees a bunch of movies airing all day, including a popcorn favorite movie of Jeepers Creepers, both of them.

But the real fun begins on December 31st, when Syfy’s annual The Twilight Zone marathon kicks it in gear, starting at 8 AM, and rolling on through and into January 1st. Below is listing of Twilight Zone episode titles… check your local listings to be sure of what airs when!

Syfy Channel Dates to Remember

Merlin’s final season premieres on January 4th.

January 14th is a big day, with the Continuum series premiere, Being Human returns as well as does Lost Girl on this day.

In April, the much heralded Defiance will be premiering. The show that combines online play with the developing story in the episodes.

Twilight Zone TV series

List of Twilight Zone Marathon 2012 Episodes on Syfy

31-DecThe Twilight Zone
8:00 AMThe Fever
8:30 AMPerchance To Dream
9:00 AMOne For The Angels
9:30 AMThe Prime Movers
10:00 AMDeath’s Head Revisited
10:30 AMWhat You Need
11:00 AMThe Jeopardy Room
11:30 AMThe Sixteen-millimeter Shrine
12:00 PMLong Live Walter Jameson
12:30 PMA Piano In The House
1:00 PMWhat’s In The Box
1:30 PMBlack Leather Jackets
2:00 PMA Nice Place To Visit
2:30 PMThe 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms
3:00 PMKing Nine Will Not Return
3:30 PMMr. Denton On Doomsday
4:00 PMThe Shelter
4:30 PMNight Of The Meek
5:00 PMIt’s A Good Life
5:30 PMProbe 7 Over And Out
6:00 PMA Kind Of Stopwatch
6:30 PMLittle Girl Lost
7:00 PMWill The Real Martian Please Stand Up
7:30 PMEye Of The Beholder
8:00 PMThe Invaders
8:30 PMWhere Is Everybody
9:00 PMThe Hitch-hiker
9:30 PMTo Serve Man
10:00 PMNightmare At 20,000 Feet
10:30 PMLiving Doll
11:00 PMThe Masks
11:30 PMI Sing The Body Electric
12:00 AMThe Midnight Sun
12:30 AMStopover In A Quiet Town
1:00 AMLong Distance Call
1:30 AMThe Old Man In The Cave
2:00 AMThe After Hours
2:30 AMMr. Bevis
3:00 AMTwenty-two
3:30 AMThe Grave
4:00 AMNight Call
4:30 AMJudgement Night
5:00 AMNightmare As A Child
5:30 AMThe Four Of Us Are Dying

1-JanThe Twilight Zone
6:00 AMThe Silence
6:30 AMI Shot An Arrow Into The Air
7:00 AMIn Praise Of Pip
7:30 AMUncle Simon
8:00 AMQueen Of The Nile
8:30 AMA World Of His Own
9:00 AMMr. Garrity And The Graves
9:30 AMA Thing About Machines
10:00 AMThe Last Rights Of Jeff Myrtlebank
10:30 AMHocus-pocus And Frisby
11:00 AMA Short Drink From A Certain Fountain
11:30 AMThe Arrival
12:00 PMEscape Clause
12:30 PMAnd When The Sky Was Opened
1:00 PMThe Hunt
1:30 PMPeople Are Alike All Over
2:00 PMCaesar And Me
2:30 PMThe Odyssey Of Flight 33
3:00 PMA Penny For Your Thoughts
3:30 PMThird From The Sun
4:00 PMThe Little People
4:30 PMNick Of Time
5:00 PMNumber Twelve Looks Just Like You
5:30 PMA Hundred Yards Over The Rim
6:00 PMA Most Unusual Camera
6:30 PMFive Characters In Search Of An Exit
7:00 PMA Stop At Willoughby
7:30 PMThe Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
8:00 PMThe Howling Man
8:30 PMTime Enough At Last
9:00 PMThe Bewitchin’ Pool
9:30 PMKick The Can
10:00 PMThe Obsolete Man
10:30 PMThe Dummy
11:00 PMDead Man’s Shoes
11:30 PMA Game Of Pool
12:00 AMThe Rip Van Winkle Caper
12:30 AMI Am The Night – Color Me Black
1:00 AMWalking Distance
1:30 AMRing-a-ding Girl
2:00 AMMr. Dingle, The Strong
2:30 AMThe Lonely
3:00 AMTwo
3:30 AMThe Brain Center At Whipple’s
4:00 AMThe Last Flight
4:30 AMThe Purple Testament

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