Syfy’s Christmas Season Countdown Programming [Twilight Zone Marathon]

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Syfy channel Logo‘Tis the season.  At least on Syfy, ’tis the season to have Christmas episodes of Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven and some adult Scooby Doo time with Ghost Hunters.  And if that’s not enough, the Syfy channel has a few TV marathons in store for you… including their annual Twilight Zone marathon!  (Sigh, remember the days when The Twilight Zone marathons were the norm for most holiday weekends?)

This year though, Syfy is having a viewers vote contest for fans, who can vote for what their favorite Twilight Zone episodes!

Check it all out below!

This year the Syfy channel is starting off it’s Christmas holiday season with the miniseries / Peter Pan prequel, NeverlandNeverland will be airing on December 4th and 5th.

On December 6th, we will have Christmas/holiday episodes of the ill-fated Eureka*, Warehouse 13 and Haven.

On December 7th, they’re hunting more ghosts, on Ghost Hunters.

On December 10th…  it’s the snow globe from hell, in Snowmageddon!

On Christmas day itself, if you’re of the mind to, there will be TV marathons of

Ghost Hunters (S7), from 9AM to 3PM;

Face Off (S1) from 3PM to 11PM &

Merlin (S3) from 11PM into the wee hours of the next day, at 5AM.  (For those of you hearty enough to stay up.  Or not.)

On December 26th

When you’re all tuckered out from package opening…  the next TV marathon will be

Being Human (S1), from 12PM to 1AM.


*Don’t forget, Eureka has been canceled and is headed into its final season.

Ah, but let’s not forget The Twilight Zone TV marathon.

Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsThe Twilight Zone marathon will begin Saturday, New Year’s Eve, at 9AM and run through Sunday, January 1st, 2012, till 12AM.

But before this airs, viewers HAVE TO VOTE!!!  And it’s important, sort of.  Again, if you can stay up all hours of the night to watch!

Over at ‘ twilightzone-viewerschoice ‘ viewers can vote for the favorite episodes.  When the tallying is done, Syfy will then play the top-40 episodes, counting down from the 40th to the most voted for episode.

Episodes ranked 40th – 21st will air on December 31 from 2PM-12AM, while episodes ranked 20th to 1st will air on January 1 from 2PM-12AM.

Which means staying up LATE if you want to catch the number one voted episode!

Or just go snag it and watch it whenever you want!:  The Twilight Zone products on Amazon

Seriously, Syfy is putting stuff out there, but at some of the wackiest hours sometimes.  Reminds me of when they had episode marathons of The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Tuesday nights a few years ago.  Up against heavy hitter shows on basic network TV… nice gesture, but seemed pointless then.

So there ya have it…   that’s what’s coming up on the Syfy channel in December!

See ya there!

OH!  WAIT, I almost forgot…

Syfy Returning Series Premiere Dates

  • Merlin (Season 4) returns January 6
  • Being Human (Season 2) returns January 17.
  • Face Off (Season 2) returns January 26
  • Ghost Hunters (Season 8) returns in February


Other Syfy Bits:’s original content will also include:

A Neverland site with “Enter Neverland” special feature where the users can discover their own Neverland name and character origin story. That story will place the user in one of the four factions from the miniseries – The Lost Boys, The Woodland Creatures, The People of the Raven and The Pirates

Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven sites – what would you buy one of the series’ stars if you picked them in a Secret Santa pool — as well as hiding the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future throughout the Ghost Hunter’s site for eagle eyed Team Ghost members to find

DVICE and Blastr holiday video gift guides – featuring Andrea Feczko – which highlights the coolest geeky and high-tech gifts hand picked by the staff of Syfy’s popular blogs


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Dana December 28, 2011 at 11:35 pm

Pleeeze show the “Frisbee” Twilight Zone episode.
Thank you.

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