Syfy’s “End of the World” Is A Fun Movie To Be Had By All…

by on February 27, 2013

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If you caught the Saturday Night Original Movie on Syfy, called End of the World, I have to wonder if you too pulled as much fun out of it as I did? Normally the Saturday night fare from the network is a serious toned, B-movie attempt, at best. When they take themselves (too) seriously, it goes from entertaining to painful.

But End of the World tossed us a serious plot laced with some inside humor that made the movie entertaining at times. End of the World reminded me of Eureka or Stargate. At times. And that made it more fun than I expected.

In End of the World, the fate of humanity lies in the hands of two guys who run a video rental store and are “sci-fi obsessed” movie fans. And who better to save the world, than guys who have seen all the movies and all the “out there” ways to save it!?

The cast included Greg Grunberg, Brad Dourif and Neil Grayston.

The cast of the movie was top-notch… or as top-notch as we’ll ever get in TV B-movie from Syfy.

Greg Grunberg’s resume includes Heroes, Love Bites and a short stint on The Client List. If you were paying attention, you might have caught him in J.J. Abrams’ Super 8. He has three upcoming projects – Big Ass Spider, It’s Dark Here and The Saint. (Hey Eliza Dushku fans, Grunberg is co-starring with Eliza in The Saint. (A TV movie.))

Brad Dourif is a classic bad/crazy guy in this movie… your call. And a busy Hollywood star. Of his 97 movies and 47 TV projects, you might remember him from Deadwood, or Catch .44 or Priest. He has five projects in post-production right now: Marble City, Avarice, The Control Group, Black Butterflies and Curse of Chucky.

Oh how we’ve missed Eureka‘s Neil Grayston! Since the show was canceled, I haven’t caught him in much, but he’s in five episodes of a 2013 TV series titled The True Heroines. Ya gotta say thanks to Syfy for bringing him back to the tube for this.

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen that pesky Mark Hildreth (Gads, he was the annoying paranoid, self-centered butt-head in this TV movie), he’s actually been in quite a few projects, TV: The Tudors, V, and in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. But more than likely, if you have a sharp ear, you’ll recognize his voice from animated projects such as Wolverine and the X-Men, Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5, Voltron Force, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus 3-D, Planet Hulk & Max Steel vs The Toxic Legion.

Aside from notable cast…

Of all surprises, the special effects were pretty dazzling, with people getting the “Spartacus splattered blood” gore effect, electrical balls of doom and the production crew actually blowing up a vehcile rather than using some third-rate E-bay software to simulate it. That was pretty awesome, especially when you come to expect those square opaque CGI cars doing weird things when someone hits a software button.

Add to that, Neil Grayston like we’ve never seen him (without glasses), a few homages or shots paid to Grunberg’s Heroes character, and Dourif playing the maniacally deranged (or was he?) card, we had a fairly fun movie.

World Pictures produced, Syfy distributed and Steven R. Monroe (I Spit on Your Grave ) directed. Writers David Ray (Earth’s Final Hours) and Jason Bourque (Arctic Blast) pulled it together on the word processor & Rupert Harvey produced (Bones). No, not “that” Bones, a 2001 flick of the same name.

If you see End of the World coming on your Syfy TV schedule, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the snarky humor and subtle (and not so) jabs at their own story. If you catch those inside lines, you just might find this as humorous (in a good way) as I did.

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