Syfy’s INSANE or INSPIRED: Is It Worth Your Time?

by on June 1, 2012

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Another TV review of a new Syfy channel series!

Maybe I’m a bit disillusioned about having seen so many previous renditions of people doing stupid things, but Syfy‘s newest show, Insane or Inspired, is the latest entry in the world of crazy stunt genre programming.

In Insane or Inspired, Syfy shows various attempts at achieving some form of mechanical or other form of notoriety or fame. The videos could be considered entertaining, for some. Those “some” meaning folks who might be fully engaged in the drinking of adult beverages.

This, I thought was going to be an opportunity for Syfy to stand out with something old, done new. But I think many will find that this is nothing more than a rip from the previous renditions of this type of show. With forced, injected commentary.

I find it a bit irksome that each video has hyper-injected commentaries from various “comedic” statements from actors, actresses, comedians who may not have active jobs right now, and what not. Maybe they are employed, but I may not watch enough TV to see where they pop up.

And each video seems to have the same moment way over-played for the each of their segments. The idiot stuff does not need to be looped as often as it is. It hurts my brain.

The more irksome part of this show is the commentary, because they seem to rip more on the actual cool mechanical inventions than they do on the idiotic body surfers who over-shoot their tiny landing zones.

Of the twenty-five examples/videos, there was one pretty funny comment out of it all… despite several comments per video.

I think they could add value to the show with less. As in when there are truly cool working inventions, cut the snark. Don’t ridicule the achievements. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

I’d suggest to at least give it a five-minute test run to see for yourself. (That way, I would not have suffered alone.)

Every now and then, there’s something interesting that pops up and maybe they don’t belong in this show. But out of twenty-five items, there were four or five pretty cool inventions and the rest were Funniest Videos-like stuff that rivals “dumbest criminals,” “Cops,” and various other silly, caught-on-tape shows. Shows that are just perfect for those quietly dull moments in the day when you need your TV on but there’s nothing to watch.

Brooke Hogan: Actress/Singer??????

I don’t expect Insane or Inspired to last long, but I could be wrong, considering it follows Friday night’s well rated wrestling programming. With that kind of lead-in, it could muster sufficient ratings to stick it out.

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