Syfy’s Upcoming ‘American Warships’ And Why Syfy Is Fading From My Schedule

by on May 15, 2012

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Syfy ChannelThis upcoming Saturday night, Syfy will be airing the movie, American Warships as their Saturday Night Original movie.  In case you’re wondering, this movie, up until a few weeks ago, was titled “American Battleship” and it airs on the same weekend that Universal’s Battleship premieres in movie theaters.  They both have a similar tagline to their story.  Go figure.  American Warships tagline goes as follows:

a single military ship must save the world from an alien attack.

This was the movie that Universal sued Asylum for, because it appeared to be a blatant rip off of Battleship… like many of Asylum’s products seem to be like.  Universal said that Asylum’s products are

“intended to and does confuse consumers as to the source or origin of Global Asylum’s productions by causing consumers to believe they are the same as or associated with contemporaneously released blockbuster films from major motion picture studios.”

Asylum quickly produced this beast and got it to premiere on the same weekend of the like-minded movie it’s mimicking.  Much like when they released some of their other “products,” like Almighty Thor or Battle of Los Angeles.

What’s whacky to me is that Asylum knows what it’s doing and does it intentionally and then Comcast/NBC/Syfy goes along with the plan by airing the alleged rip-offs in time with the real movies they mock.  And the combination of the two components is driving me away from the net faster than I had anticipated.

What’s confusing me even more is that even though Universal is (or maybe was) suing Asylum, the NBCUniversal controlled net Syfy, is airing this knock off.  Whad up with that?  And thus, my long-time viewing relationship with the net has started to erode.  (Or, in plain English, I’ve had enough!)


I used to be a pretty stalwart Syfy fan and rarely missed a Saturday night “original” movie.  They were hokey, TV-popcorn fun movies.  But then they started airing some of the blatant knock offs, & I started to waver.  And after experiencing the knock offs of Thor and Battle Los Angeles, I actually felt insulted they’d think this was worthy of my time!

Additionally, from quietly canceling Sanctuary and not even stepping up to the plate and saying so, to canceling Eureka  as soon as Comcast took over NBC, things are changing for the sci-fi fan.  Never mind the ever growing alternate reality TV programming.

(Note:  To be fair in prose, if Syfy had not changed their approach to programming, it would have floundered into obscurity because there weren’t enough sci-fi fans to keep the all important advertisers happy.   Just sayin’… it’s all about the ratings and the advertisers.  Nothing else matters to any business entity that takes on TV entertainment.)

To Add To The Confusion

But then the NBCUniversal network is also supporting the upcoming Battleship movie with programming like

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files episode on Tuesday, titled

“Battleship UFO”,

To Dream Machines episode titled

“The Battleship Shredder”

Universal sues Asylum, but NBCUniversal airs that contested product.  Eh…

But in the end, don’t worry, because if Syfy sticks to its patterns, they’ll be airing some other Asylum products, like

  • Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies (coming out May 29th),
  • Grimm’s Snow White

Sound familiar?

Prepare thyselves, because this upcoming Saturday, Syfy will be airing American Warships, and Battle of Los Angeles and earlier during the day, Almighty Thor.  It will be a banner day of programming and if you’re brave enough, you’ll see what I mean about those two movies.  I’d give them3 to 4 out of 5…  beers!

They’re making it easy to swap out to BBC America or other content on Saturday nights.  That’s for sure.

With that said, I think I had an idea!  If Syfy gets big enough, they can have a spin-off network that is only sci-fi material…  wouldn’t that be a cool idea!!

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Dude December 28, 2012 at 7:47 pm

” there weren’t enough sci-fi fans to keep the all important advertisers happy” Yet shows like quantum colonoscopy, haunted junk collector, ghost blunders, destination fail, faked or fail, and greasy men touching each other, those are what people want? Maybe the problem isn’t the actual viewership but rather how the obsolete ratings system misrepresents it. Syfy’s management team intentionally started drifting away (“moving beyond science fiction from science fiction” as they put it) while the ratings were still good. The ratings started sinking when people could no longer keep up with schedule changes, were turned off by cancellations and what those shows were replaced with. Remember when Friday nights on SciFi were a fun way to unwind from the long work week and start the weekend. Now the best thing on syfy is the scammy commercials.

Jeannie May 17, 2012 at 9:04 pm

I am in complete agreement with you. We used to rush home on Fridays to watch SyFY. Now we go to the movies. But for Lost Girl and Eureka I wouldn’t watch at all. Now Eureka is going….so many good shows are just gone. They’ve been replaced by the “Smack Down”! I mean really!

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