News on the street is that a person has said they want to be part of the next movie… before the first movie comes out.

Where have we heard that before?  We hear it a lot around the industry of Hollywood when TV shows are renewed before the first episode of the first season even airs.  (Present example…  Starz “renewing” Magic City…  a show that hasn’t aired yet.)  Or when media takes a soundbite from an actor that says I’d love to be in an upcoming project… that hasn’t lifted off the ground yet.

That is the media buzz engine of the entertainment industry.  It’s sort of fun but when press and press-like entities get a-hold of soundbites, well, they take on a life of their own.

But this time around, because of past history, this soundbite seemed to have some form of substance.

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AMC TV LogoOf all the cable channels out there, I’ve always felt that AMC was top of the crop of free cable channels.  And October is the perfect month to pull out the stops and hit the viewers with some of the classic horror movies on the tube!  If you’re old enough, you’d remember the days that AMC was commercial free!  Alas, everything changes.

AMC is pulling out the stops and hitting you with Alien and Aliens, some Bruce Campbell, all the Friday the 13th‘s, A collection of Halloween’s and the standard collection of monsters.

Some of my favorites are airing in this Hallowed month:  Alien, Aliens, Pitch Black with Vin Diesel, Thirteen Ghosts and Tremors.  Who doesn’t love Tremors?

Check out the schedule from AMC for October 2010 after the break.  The list is first sorted by date, and then by movie name.

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A Outline Review of SCREAMERS: THE HUNTING on Syfy from Saturday Night 3-20

March 22, 2010

I caught the Saturday night Syfy Channel movie titled Screamers: The Hunting.  It was made in 2008 and I have to say that it wasn’t bad compared to what they usually have.  It felt like a real movie and from how it seemed, it was a sequel to the 1995 Screamers. Despite feeling like a […]

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