Samsung S6My Samsung S6 just received the latest Android system update, version 7.0, called Nougat. It takes quite a while to update, so only let it do its thing when you’re fully charged up or near a power source.

There were a few interesting changes and a couple of Samsung updates you need to be aware of.

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The more obvious change was my ‘desktop’ icons all got changed under Nougat. If you do not like how they look, you can change them back by going to

‘Setting,’ then
‘Display,’ and then
‘Icon Frames.’

There you can select frames or no frames.

The battery interface in Nougat is different too. Now you can choose from two different power saving modes and you can now also set up a process called ‘App Power Monitor.’ Under that, you can select what apps can use your battery while the are not in use!

The camera seems different and faster too and starts up quicker, BUT IS SLOWER IN TAKING PICTURES. I have missed so many images in the last week alone because now the camera has to think about snapping a shot and decides to refocus on the scene after clicking the shutter button.  If you want to tinker around and are wondering how to get to the settings for your camera under Nougat, they made new ways to get to them.  All you have to do is

Swipe the camera screen to the right for camera options,
Swipe left for live filters,
Swipe up or down to turn the camera lens around for selfies.

It’s also been said that if you were having sluggish response issues with your Marshmallow-based phone, this update was going to fix that. It’s is reported to dealing with battery or speed issues, along with spotty Bluetooth or WiFi connections! Reportedly.

If you updated and hate what’s happened to your interface, before condoning Samsung, go take a look at your options to see if you can fix the issue. For instance, some are grumbling about the graphics and they’re hard to see. If that’s the case, head to

‘Display,’ and
Choose/look into ‘Screen zoom and font.’

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