Tyke Elephant Outlaw

In 1994 a circus animal, an elephant named Tyke, went on a rampage in Honolulu. It was like she had had enough, snapped, and took out her frustrations on her trainer, grinding him into the ground and killing him. During her rampage, 13 more people were injured and in the process, she was shot nearly 100 times before dying. All this from a species thought to be one of the more intelligent animals on the planet. They’re even considered to possibly be have a sense of self.

According to PETA, dozens of more incidents like Tyke have taken place, in what they call “lashing out” rages.

The film, Tyke Elephant Outlaw, looks to parallel what Blackfish did to SeaWorld, by showing the world what circuses do to their large animals in captivity.

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Dogs, Summertime, Heat Stroke and Dehydration Warning

May 20, 2013

The heat of Summer is either upon us or will be soon. But don’t be fooled. Heat can be interpreted as anything above 70 or 75 degrees, depending on the situation. And then, if you’re unlucky enough, you get to experience your dog having heat stroke form dehydration. – Did you know that a dog […]

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Dog Training Collars and Harnesses: Take Off At The Dog Park

May 9, 2013

The other day a bunch of us had a pretty exciting moment at the local dog owner get-together. While we were doing our things, whether it be disc training with our dogs, or human chatter or even Facebooking in the field, we were all having a nice time. And then suddenly the screaming began. There […]

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HBO Getting Sued Over Horse Racing Series Luck

January 4, 2013

If you recall, HBO had a horse racing series called Luck.  It barely lasted half a season before getting canned due to multiple horse deaths.  It was a terrible situation for all involved. If you recall, I did a bit of research on horse racing.  As I did, I was horrified to find out that […]

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Incredible, Must Watch YouTube Video of Friendly Whales

November 30, 2012

Incredible YouTube video of animal/human interaction. First let me say that when people dismiss dogs, cats or other creatures as just animals, it pi**** me off.  After having different pets in my life, I find it hard to believe they don’t have some form of intelligence. Animals may be different and don’t have opposing thumbs […]

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Humane Society Casts A Dispariging Eye on The Hobbit

November 19, 2012

Over on Variety, they have a piece talking about the American Humane Association asking that more money be applied for the jurisdiction if improved animal safety when it comes to the use of animal actors in the entertainment industry. (Please note that The American Humane Association (AHA) is not affiliated with the Humane Society of […]

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Tainted Dog Treat Poison Warning, Consumer Alert?

July 29, 2012

My local news station has been teasing viewers all weekend about an article on dogs getting poisoned by a pet treat.  The teaser also suggests the dog treat maker has known abut this public concern since 2007. I thought I’d do some quick research on this bad bit of info to find out what it’s […]

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Found Parrot in Menlo Park

June 21, 2012

Hey gang, a great person by the name of Tyler wrote me to let me know about a found pet… a parrot.  So apparently another lost pet with wings made a break for it in Menlo Park! It was found on June 21st, 2012 at the VA in Menlo Park.  (I have another lost parrot […]

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Lost Cat in Menlo Park (Grey, Fluffy Cat!)

June 9, 2012

I came across another lost cat poster today while on yet another bike ride.  I swear, my bike rides are becoming rescue missions these days! This is a cat lost in Menlo Park, CA.  He’s a fluffy, grey cat that has a patch of white on his neck, with a long and fluffy tail, as […]

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Lost & Found Dog in Menlo Park (Shih Tzu)

June 6, 2012

I was walking around the Menlo Park neighborhood yesterday and I spotted these found dog posters that were put up for a female Shih Tzu.  She was found on Santa Cruz Avenue on June 4th, 2012. If you have a lost dog in or around the Menlo Park, CA region, a female Shih Tzu, you […]

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Leaving Your Dog In The Car: It Doesn’t Need To Be Summer To Be Stupid

May 17, 2012

You’ve seen it too often, and that’s a dog sitting inside a locked car, windows up.  Sometimes the windows are closed, sometimes they’re “cracked” open “For the dog.”  Let me make a quick suggestion…  if you’re willing to leave your dog in the car, you should hang out with him/her too and see how it […]

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Lost Parrot in Menlo Park

May 16, 2012

Lost Parrot in Menlo Park

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HBO’s ‘Luck’ Was The Tip of the Iceberg Of Horse Racing’s Ugly Side

March 27, 2012

The New York Times had a frightening article on the dark side of horse racing… wow… I never imagined

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The Ukraine is Poisoning & Incinerating Thousands of Stray Dogs

January 20, 2012

The 2013 UEFA European Football (Soccer) Championships will be co-hosted by Ukraine and in anticipation of hosting the event, they’re cleaning the stray animals.

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Baby Fruit Bat Video… Cute, If You Appreciate Bats

December 10, 2011

A Bat Video that documents the rescue of a baby FRUIT BAT after a zoo closure. It’s from BAT WORLD SANCTUARY.

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Lab Beagles Freed, Sad But Wonderful Video

December 2, 2011

Did you know that beagles are one of the desired lab test animals because they’re obedient, adaptability to be able to live their entire lives in cages and they’re cheap to feed?

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Reward Posted For Those Who Drown A Cat in Redwood City with Weights

November 3, 2011

The Peninsula Humane Society is offering a reward for info leading to the individual(s) who tied a dumbbell to a cat and tossed it in the Bay…

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Bay Area Law Enforcement Kills More Animals

September 28, 2011

Instead of a wild and threatening deer, or a cornered mtn lion, this time, it’s family pets.

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