army wives

Auditions and Casting CallsLifetime’s TV series, Army Wives, has a 13-episode order for its seventh season, and if you want, you could get yourself a role on a TV show!

The production is looking to cast roles across the board, with the only returning cast members from previous seasons being Catherine Bell and Kelli Williams.

The roles being cast are being cast out of Los Angeles and New York and include starring, co-starring, recurring, and day player acting roles.  Additionally, they’re also seeking  extras interested in being background extras and stand-ins.

“Season seven of “Army Wives” centers on a new character named Maggie Hall, who is ex-Army Airborne and mother of 10 year old son Tanner. Hall is sexy, smart, tough with an edge. She decided to get out of the Army to devote herself to being a wife and mother. Recently married to a Staff Sergeant named Eddie who has a 14-year old daughter, and transferred to Joint Base Marshall Bring, this blended family has plenty of challenges ahead. Holly Gordon is a wide-eyed, farm girl newly married to a soldier, she’s lonely and homesick, having never been more than 100 miles from home. And Latasha is a mother of three who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. She is a sexy, fun woman who knows how to keep a husband – and how to keep him in line.”

If you think you might be interested in a role or as an extra, I fully recommend following the link below and following the directions there explicitly, to help improve your chances.

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