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promo 'Batman Begins' in ABC Family - batman pouncing

I came across a piece over on io9 that’s mocking the YouTube video promo of ABC Family‘s premiere movie event of Batman Begins, from the man himself,  Christopher Nolan.  (Good disclaimer: On IMDb, the movie has a user rating of 8/10 after 539k votes.)

I usually veer away from noise making posts, but this bit is too over-the-top funny for me and I just had to slap something up.

I don’t know who in the ABC Family marketing department put this together, but some, (the rare and very few) who aren’t aware of who Batman is, will be in for a rude awakening if they tune into this “happy” movie.

The trailer pretty much hints at how Batman fights for family, and he also lives for love. And there are a lot of quick clips show mostly cheery, smiling faces.

promo - 'Batman Begins' in ABC Family - the scarecrow

They left this guy out of the promo!!!  Well, it’s a face only a mother could love!

Obviously there are no clips of the bad guys, who are screaming for their lives because they’ve been terrorized by this freak flying around in a dark, military spec-based battle-suit, and snatching them out of the dark!  Or of people getting gassed by hallucinogenic substances. Or the burning down of people’s homes or… well, you get the point!

If you visit this site enough, you know I look at things and dissect the marketing angles on some material. (IE: You might remember me dissecting NBC’s Revolution marketing.)

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