Ben Affleck as Batman

After having the new Batman premiere in Batman V Superman (BvS), I was surprised and found myself enjoying Ben Affleck‘s rendition of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Kudos. I also enjoyed the harsher side of Batman. Affleck has done a good enough job that he’s been tagged by DC/WB to put together the solo Batman film. He’s also been given executive producer powers on the Justice League film, so he’s obviously been given creative control over some aspects of the film.

The film, to this day, is titled The Batman. But…

Recently Affleck has been noted to say that he will not be rushed in putting together the script and that he won’t be making a sub-par Batman film. He’ll be treading in the tracks of Christopher Nolan, and seeing what Nolan did, I fully expect DC/WB to pull their creatively insecure fingers out of Ben’s work and let him do what he does best, because he does make great movies too.

The Dark Knight on Amazon

What’s awesome about this project is that Affleck is co-writing the script with “the man” from DC, Geoff Johns.

But at this point in time Affleck made mention in an interview that the script is still not ready. There have been rumors that the studio was not happy with the first rendition of the script.

Fans have been told that the film will be an original story with some familiar characters and iconic bad guys. But now word on the street in various sources are saying that filming will begin in the Los Angeles region, with or without Affleck attached to the film.

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The Dark Knight Rises SPOILER CHAT

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