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Syfy Channel logo TV newsThe Syfy channel went hog wild at their upfronts on Wednesday, April 10th, 2o13.

First, they mention the renewals of Ghost Mine and Being Human.

Then they announce a bucketload of new sci-fi series, the production of High Moon from Bryan Fuller.

They tease about a few quarterly multimedia events like Ringworld, Helix, Dominion, Unbreakable and Oppositie Worlds.

Syfy is also working on two classic sci-fi novels that are being made into miniseries: Larry Nivens Ringworld and Arthur C. Clarkes Childhoods End.

They’re also working on developing new projects like Clandestine, Dominion, Orion, Sojourn, Shelter, Infinity, & Silver Shields.

And a few more reality TV series, with one of them with Joe Rogan.

And let’s not forget a Jamie Foxx horror anthology slated for Halloween of 2013!

Syfy is tackling a bunch of new upcoming Sci-Fi series. Way back when Syfy president Dave Howe came on board the network some years back, he came from the BBC, where he got that network on its feet. When he came on board Syfy, he said he would build up the brand, to do what was necessary to get the network on the board with the big names, and then look at broaching more sci-fi. If I remember correctly, it was something about having enough money to tackle new projects that were the core of what the network was about.

As the network stood, the ratings weren’t high enough to keep things going. He heralded the Syfy online experiences and we saw a heavier slate of reality TV show up afterwards.

But now the network has the monies to invest in new projects, and like Howe said several years back, once they get the funding, they can start investing in new content. And it looks like he’s kept to his word after a long, slow road to this moment.

That’s cool.

With that said, below are the huge collective of press releases! Gads, it’s a chunk of stuff so pick and choose, scroll slowly… there’s more there than I mentioned above… or use your web browsers search function ‘Ctrl-F’ to find what you’re looking for! There are a bunch of releases and I’ve split them up so you can see where one ends and another begins.

Originally posted April 11th, 2013. UPDATED with 2013-2014 TV Fall Season schedule on September 9th, 2013:

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GHOST MINE (SEASON 2 PREMIERE) Returns Wednesday, September 4 at 10PM


HAVEN (SEASON 4 PREMIERE) Returns Friday, September 13 at 10PM

ROBOCROC (ORIGINAL MOVIE PREMIERE) Premieres Saturday, September 14 at 9PM

FANGASM (SERIES PREMIERE) Premieres Tuesday, September 24 at 10PM

31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN (6TH ANNUAL EVENT) Returns Tuesday, October 1 Thursday, October 31

GHOST HUNTERS (FALL SEASON PREMIERE) Returns Wednesday, October 9 at 10PM

SCARE TACTICS (SEASON 5 MARATHON) Premieres Monday, October 21 from 8-11PM

NAKED VEGAS (SERIES PREMIERE) Premieres Tuesday, October 29 at 10PM


THE RITUAL (working title) (ORIGINAL MOVIE PREMIERE) Premieres in October


HAUNTED HIGHWAY (SEASON 2 PREMIERE) Returns Wednesday, November 27 at 10PM





NEW YORK April 10, 2013 Dig even deeper into the Ghost Mine mystery when the hit Syfy paranormal unscripted series returns for Season 2 this fall. Twelve all-new episodes are set to premiere starting in September 2013.

For Season 2, the rag-tag team of gold miners and pair of paranormal investigators will return to Eastern Oregons Crescent Mine to continue their quest for gold and evidence of ghosts at the notoriously haunted mine. Located near the historic gold mining community of Sumpter, Oregon, the Crescent Mine is believed to contain high amounts of gold.Each hour-long episode of the new season will feature the Ghost Mine crew battling the elements in hopes of striking it rich while delving further into the mysterious history of the Crescent Mine and revealing new information about the recurring Masonic symbols, Native American presence and a spirit named Joe. While the miners use the time-honored tools of their trade including pickaxes and explosives the paranormal investigators will introduce special new techniques and innovative gear to capture activity, including a revamped version of the popular RIPA (Remote Investigator of Paranormal Activity).

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