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Ben Affleck in THE ACCOUNTANT, a Review

The Accountant is like a good Doctor Who episode about the assassin, John Wick. No! Seriously. It’s a curious, complicated and smart film about a bookkeeper who also happens to be one hell of an assassin when he needs to be. But the film starts out a bit convoluted but as the story goes on, it develops into a cohesive narrative with more than enough surprising twists to keep it fresh throughout. But you have to get past the opening act to start to appreciate them all.

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The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, an accountant who works for very dangerous criminal type organizations. What makes him real good at his job is that he’s also a brilliant math savant. And his being savant, and how his father treated his precarious mental condition, contributes to his present state of being and career.

Dana (Anna Kendrick) is a bookkeeper who thinks she’s discovered some errant numbers on the books of the company she works at, so her boss, Lamar Blackburn, (John Lithgow), hires Wolff to figure out if there is an issue or not, and sure enough, he finds the problem, which sets some serious trouble in motion, for both Dana and Wolff.

Blackburn hires his own assassin, Brax, (Jon Bernthal) to eliminate the two people, Dana and Wolff, who now knows about the fraudulent behavior, which just makes things even more complicated all around.

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