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BLAZE PIZZA Consumer Review

I’m not sure if you’ve seen them around, or they seem to have just started popping up around you, but I just took notice of a place called Blaze Pizza, here in Los Banos, CA. It it’s pretty good.

Over the last few years, I’ve been a Mod Pizza customer and I liked Mod. But just recently I had a chance to check out Blaze Pizza and though I’m not knocking Mod, Blaze was pretty good.

I ended up getting the “Veg Out” prefabricated order option.

Comparing the two franchises, Mod and Blaze, products,

Mod’s crust are fairly thin but Blaze’s seem to have a bit more thickness.

The cheese seemed thicker on the Blaze versus the Mod pizza.

The process seems a bit faster but I can’t say for sure, there were six of us at Blaze, but we still got what we ordered pretty fast and we were in and out in what felt like an incredibly reasonable amount of time.

We had a vegetarian in our crowd and when she first placed her ordered, she requested that they change gloves before handling her order. Of couse, that was at the ordering section of the counter, but when we got to the point where they started working on her pizza, a different staff member had switched to clean gloves and handled our vegetarian’s order. That was impressive that they did not forget.

They had some pretty awesome soda. They had three Blue Sky sodes available and I chose the Black Cherry flavor. THe Blue Sky sode is sweetened by 100% cane sugar and did not have any artificial colors. The soda was clear, and it retained the sweet taste of the Black Cherry flavor throughout the meal. (Sometimes a sode seems to lose the flavor edge as you eat a meal.)

For a meal for six and everything went well, and on top of that, as I was sitting there, finishing up a bit early among my part of six, one of the Blaze staffers stapped up and asked to take my dirty, empty plates.

That impressed me.

As it stands, Blaze will have my repeat business. The speed of their service was good, the quality of the offerings was great, the prices were reasonable, and the atmosphere ws pleasant enough. I would return for sure.

– – –