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Did you know that YouTube lets owners of rights to various mediums install their own ads on your videos?

One of the things I pride myself on is not having succumb to putting ads in videos.  The vids I host on YouTube are ones I receive from the source, ie the networks, studios, production companies, etc..  I upload them to YouTube for hosting and link/embed them in my articles.  I personally don’t approve of putting one’s ads or logo over someone else’s video that they were so gracious to provide to you.  It feels insidious… like a used-car salesman trick.

One of my main gripes is that an ad in a video takes away from the experience of a video, distracts you from the intent.

So I’ve been happily uploading videos with pride.  (Chest thump here!)

Then one day I returned to my video channel and was looking to post a preview clip from Let Me In, but egads, there was a huge ad on the bottom of my video that ties into an Amazon account that isn’t mine.  WTH is that about?

My first bit of confusion came from the fact that I have an Amazon Associates account and I tried to figure out what I did.  I pulled the video down and reloaded it, making sure there were no.  But the ad showed up again.  Whaaaa?

Now if you ever needed to contact YouTube, they’ve gone the way of Google and I can’t seem to find an email address for them.  All support links seem to point to Bulletin Boards where users have posted their own experiences and their own experiences seem to add up to one thing, even if you uploaded a video and had no intent no peppering it with ads, YouTube has something else to say about it.

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