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Plex, A new option for cord-cutters?

It seems with every few months, someone else is offering up a way to spend money on yet another streaming service. If they had their way about it, Xfinity, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, YouTube, CBS, Warner Brothers, AT&T and a slew of others would all want you to fork out bucks to watch all their “exclusive” cable or streaming content channels. They don’t seem to get that we’re all on a budget here!

But according to various sources, Plex could be an interesting new alternative for what they call cord-cutters, those who are dissing the cable TV products that are always offered up to the world.

To some degree, cord-cutters are those that don’t like paying bucks per month when they clould just as easily just pay for a season of a show to stream or on DVD/BD. That way, they only pay for what they want to watch, plus they end up not getting that fantastic, louder-than-booms TV advertising process many of us dislike.

Cord cutters on Amazon. No, literally, cord cutting gear!

Supposedly, instead of that base rate of $35 a month for a cable subscription, Plex gives you the ability to watch live TV on any internet-connected device. How that works is that with Plex, you end up setting up your own Plex server (A digital TV tuner card) in your basement, connect a TV tuner, and can then stream that TV to anywhere in the world.

The trick is, there are a lot more free channels out there in the world than you might be led to believe.

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