Shopping for a camera - a Canon EOS 7D

Buying A New Camera Can Be Mind Boggling

This report/experience comes from around mid-2014, and is an observational consumer experience based on my focusing on three brands of camera only: Sony, Nikon and Canon. If you’re looking for the all around review of all the cameras out there, this is not it, but my source links throughout the article do point to full table reviews of the various brands.

And cutting straight to the chase, what you buy is what you are willing to deal with or what you want to learn. You can stick with some great P&S cameras, you can take the middle road that has lots of settings but you are backed up by automatic settings, or go completely manual and “man up” about using your camera!!

As it stood at that moment, I used a Sony H90 and an Olympus E-530. Each one has it’s strengths and as you get better with your photography and start wanting more, you start to realize what you’re lacking with what’s in your inventory.

The Olympus E-530 was a great starter SLR on a budget. I bought it and 2 lenses for around $700. It’s been a fine experience, but in the end, well, you know the saying… you get what you pay for.

With a slow focusing system that can barely keep up with moving objects, a moderate performer in low light and the inability to focus on infinity, I was just starting to get what’s up or not with the camera.

I mean hey, when I’m at Comic-Con, and the guy next to me can pull out his Nikon and focus on a subject up on stage and take a pic quickly was impressive. While my digital Olympus starts flashing its strobe across the room because that’s how it helps itself focus in low light. And when you fire off a strobe in a darkened room full of fans does NOT make you very popular person. Sigh.

A while back I tried selling my E-530 to a camera store that buys cameras but got a quick education on how Olympus bailed on the full-sized SLR market or some such excuse to not buy my camera, while the store was snatching up Nikons and Cannons left and right.

So my consumer trust in Olympus was shaken and it’s hard for me to come back from that.

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