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Kingsman Golden Circle movie review

A sad movie review for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I came into this film with unusually high expectations. I normally don’t build myself up for sequels, and this film reminded me why. It opens with a splash bang of action and closes the same way, but the middle two-thirds tries your patience, unless you like slapstick-like humor.

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The cast includes Taron Egerton, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Mark Strong, Channing Tatum***, Colin Firth, Elton John, & Edward Holcroft. This sequel is once again directed by Matthew Vaughn, off a dribble of a script by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn. It runs two hours and 21 minutes, which is almost 90 minutes too long.

***Early WARNING: See my warning later on in this review about how much/little time Tatum is in the film.

Kingsman The Secret Service on DVD, etc.

Of course, there are mild spoilers included here…

The Golden Circle takes place a year after the events of the first film. Eggsy has taken Harry’s place in the super-secret British spy service. He’s shacking up with the princess he saved from the last film (Hanna Alström), you know, the one who offered him butt sex if he saved the world and rescued her. But the opening act doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on events of the last year.

Eggsy gets attacked by an ex-washout of The Kingsman, and he has a bionic arm. The action and chase scene is as epic as one might expect from a thrilling spy film ripped right from the pages of a comic book, (You know the film is based off a comic book, right?) as he defeats his foe. But in so doing, after ripping off his bionic arm, boots him to the street, leaving the arm in the car, which remotely hacks the computer in the car and gets all the locations of the Kingsmen agents. She uses this information to launch a lot of missiles on their homes and headquarters.

Then The Golden Circle strikes, delivering a horrifying disease around the world, via recreational drugs. They hold the U.S. hostage, negotiating with the President (Bruce Moore), but all he sees is a win-win. He is going to pretend to negotiate, while letting all the drug users die, killing off “criminals,” and undermining The Golden Circle’s business base, thus, destroying both fronts of the drug wars.

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