Daylight Saving Time (DST) is quite the mystery to me so I tried looking it up but even when the information is one place like Wikipedia, it can be a convoluted collective of information.

I saw let’s just move it ONE LAST TIME by half-an-hour and leave it be!

But as it is, Congress has to approve any change we want to make to this system. So we change our clocks one hour this way or that, depending on the month. But what’s the reasoning for it? Depending on what you see or focus on, it was started in regards to

  • -Energy use,
  • -Economic effects,
  • -Public safety,
  • -Health.

Yes, those four items are some of the quoted reasons for DST. But various studies tend to claim minor advantages or conflicting results/advantages to any of these issues. As far as I can tell any pattern or behavior that existed on one end of the day will be shifted to the other. Or what light you shift to morning, you lose in the evening. Heck, for some reason, some studies have suggested that fuel consumption goes up because of DST.

Of course modifying the time that the sun rises or sets has no advantage on farming, since as I’ve discovered or seen, farming can occur 24 hours a day, day or night.

Then back in 2007 when the U.S. made changes to DST, that forced a lot of companies to have to spend money to comply with the change, the biggest impact being on e-mail and calendar software.

You can read source after source of countries that stopped adhering to the DST time changes, or have changed and gone back, or continue to use this system of time keeping.

But behind the scenes, there’s an interesting complexity going on.

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