Starbucks Increases the prices of free things

Starbucks is changing their rewards program.

You know the one, where getting 12 stars can get you a Starbucks freebie.

According to Starbucks, they are instigating the #1 member-requested update. Or an exciting new program! (For them). That update is to make us pay a hell of a lot more before we can redeem a free drink for our patronage. But they call it “Giving you more stars for every dollar spent.” And they say that we can “earn our way to rewards faster” too. (Well, yea, if we spend more!)

Consumers used to get a freebie after 12 stars, because we’d get a star per transaction. (Unless you were one of those stupid, cheap asses that would buy five things, one at a time, holding us all up.) But just for us, Starbucks is now making it so we need 125 stars to get a freebie instead of 12.

Exactly how this works the consumer is completely beyond myself and apparently, my meager math.

The last time I checked, I could earn a free star by spending around $24 over time, but now, with their new and exciting (for them) program, I ONLY need to spend $63!!!

WOW, where do I sign up? No, really. I’m mentally challenged and I want to spend way more money to earn stars for freebies that will now cost more. Wait… did I just say that. “FREEBIES that will cost more!”  OK, yes I did say that.

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